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Address: 8600 Morrison Creek Drive, Sacramento, CA 95828
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History of Sacramento

While the Sacramento area had been populated by several Native American tribes for thousands of years, it wasn't until 1808 when Spanish explorers discovered the area and were wowed by the natural beauty of the area. They likened it to the "Blessed Sacrament" and christened the valley and river as "The Most Holy Sacrament of the Body and Blood of Christ." John Sutter Sr. is responsible for the majority of the development in the area because of the Mexican Land Grant of 50,000 acres. Within a few years of arriving, Sutter Sr. had become especially successful and singlehandedly started the agricultural sector of the beautiful city of Sacramento. The town would soon experience it's first massive boom after gold was found in Sutter's Mill. The citizens of Sacramento adopted a city charter in 1849 and in 1850, Sacramento became the oldest incorporated town in California. In 1879, Sacramento became the permanent capital of California. Sacramento also became a terminus for the First Transcontinental Railroad known as the Sacramento Railyards.

In addition to becoming the terminus for one of the largest railroads ever built, Sacramento also became the western end of the Pony Express. In little time at all, Sacramento became one of the largest cities in California and still remains as one of the largest economic powerhouses in the United States. Unfortunately, during the early years of Sacramento's founding, the city was plagued with disastrous flooding that forced many people out of the city. As a solution, the entire city was raised off the ground over 9 feet to slow the flooding. This resulted in the Sacramento Underground, the remnants of the city that remain after it was raised. The city has experienced significant growth throughout its history and is currently home to over 500,000 people, but that doesn't mean it wasn't without its fair share of trials and tribulations.

Sacramento Today

Today, the city is a haven for those who enjoy fine crafting and the arts. Sacramento has fully embraced the "farm-to-table" trend thatdiv has become a national movement as awareness and interest in small privately-owned farms and local artisans has grown. There is also 40 farmer's markets spread throughout the city, earning the city's nickname "America's Farm-to-Fork Capital." Sacramento's obsession with food that has passion behind it has also given rise to independent coffee roasters and gastropubs. These home-grown, farm-to-table roots make the city a great place for anyone who wants to support businesses that have a true passion for what they do.

Sacramento is also littered with theaters, museums, and cultural attractions. The focus on artisans extends beyond just food as Sacramento consistently promotes their local artists and musicians. The Saturday Art Walk in Sacramento was designed specifically to help promote local artists. The Sacramento Jazz Festival was also held for over 40 years until 2017. Sacramento is a beautiful city known for its love of the arts, the natural beauty of the World Peace Rose Garden, and the massive trees that are sprawled throughout the capital city of California.

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