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A Little About Tanner, Alabama!

Tanner is an unincorporated community in northern Alabama that is part of the Huntsville-Decatur area. The area is quite rural,

although it does have its own local high school. The area is known for sports and has produced professional football and baseball players.

Geography of Tanner

Tanner is very rural and geographically very spread out. The closest major town is Athens, which is approximately 10 minutes north by car. The town of Decatur is located roughly 15 minutes south, across the Tennessee River. Huntsville is roughly half an hour to the east. This is where the nearest international airport is, as well as the nearest bus station.

Because the Tennessee River is close by, many smaller creeks and streams run through the area, branching off of the river’s larger main artery. There are also many large rolling hills and plateaus in the area. Although they are not technically mountains, many locals refer to them as mountains.

The Tanner area is known for having very intense tornadoes in the summer months. In 1974, the area experienced a super outbreak of tornadoes, where two F5 storms passed over the city within half an hour of each other.

Another F5 tornado hit the area in 2011. Despite the threat of tornadoes in Tanner, the weather is typically very pleasant otherwise. Temperatures are very warm in the summer and mild in the winter.

History of Tanner

Settlers first moved to the Tanner area in the 19th century. The Louisville and Nashville Railroad was built during this time, providing connections to other major cities in the south. A post office was first built in the area during 1878.

Although the area has been settled for over 150 years, Tanner remains an unincorporated community. The nearby Huntsville area was first occupied hundreds of years ago by the Muskogee and later the Chickasaw.

Huntsville was founded in 1805 and became the first town to incorporate in Alabama a few years later. Decatur was incorporated later, in 1821. Economically, the area began to grow very quickly.

Since multiple railroads ran through the area, it became an ideal place for travelers to settle and open businesses. Cotton planters settled in the area, many of whom were wealthy and built very large residences.

The Huntsville-Decatur area was also very important during the Civil War. Since Decatur was right on the Tennessee River and had railroad access, both sides thought it was strategically very important, resulting in multiple battles.

Although Alabama was part of the Confederacy, Union troops occupied parts of Huntsville throughout the war. Many historic buildings remain in Decatur from this era.

Huntsville remained a small town for decades until World War II. The federal government opted to build three key chemical facilities in Huntsville during this time, which brought in over 20,000 new employees.

After the war ended, these facilities were converted to rocket and missile development facilities. In the 1950s and 60s, some of the first rockets in the US were tested in Huntsville.

Culture of Tanner

Since Tanner is a very small unincorporated town, the culture is heavily influenced by the nearby towns of Athens, Decatur, and Huntsville.

Today, Huntsville continues to be a center for rocket and missile development. It attracts top engineers from all over the country looking to work on defense contracts.

The city also launched an initiative to develop biotech jobs in the area. There are now more than 25 biotechnology companies as well as biotech education programs in the Huntsville area.

Decatur has become an important center for manufacturing because of its location on the Tennessee River. Several Fortune 500 companies now have manufacturing plants in the Decatur area, which employ thousands of people throughout northern Alabama.

The Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Plant is also located in nearby Athens, and is a major employer and key power supplier for the region. The Decatur area is also an important center for tourism in the region. It is home to some of the most historic buildings in Alabama, including the Old State Bank and the Cotaco Opera House.

Decatur is also home to a large district of old Victorian homes. In the summer, the city hosts festivals that draw in people from all over the south. These include a massive Fourth of July festival, the Alabama Jubilee hot air balloon race, and the Riverfest Barbecue Festival.

Despite being a very small town, Tanner’s central location makes it very attractive for anyone who wants to explore the greater Huntsville-Decatur area. It’s also very close to noted national wildlife areas, like Bankhead National Forest and Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge.

Although it is very small, Tanner is an important part of the greater Huntsville-Decatur area. If you’re looking to sell your car in Tanner, contact Cash For Cars today. Our friendly and knowledgeable local representatives will help you sell your car quickly and for a great price.

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