Sell Your Car for Cash Today!

Everyone needs extra cash at some point in their lives, and one of the best ways to get some extra money is to sell your car for cash today. There are many different reasons you might need extra cash to get you through a difficult time. Reasons like:

  • Unforeseen layoffs
  • Economic recessions
  • Expensive car repairs
  • Large unexpected expenses

Places for When You Need Cash Now

There are a few places people tend to trust when they need cash ASAP. The problem with these places is that they will only offer a fraction of the value of your things or provide you with high-interest, short-term loans.


Pawnshops tend to be a common place that people who need some extra money go. Why? They are fast, they offer cash on-the-spot for most things, and they’re everywhere. Now, that is only if you’re selling things for cash to them. The other option is called pawning. When you pawn something to a pawn shop, they give you a very short-term loan with very high-interest rates that often compound weekly or monthly and use your things as collateral. As ironic as it is, pawnshops can get you into a worse financial situation than before. Make sure you only sell to pawn shops and try to avoid pawning at all costs.

Payday Loans

Sometimes, you get into a bind where you need cash quickly for something that is very important. If you live paycheck-to-paycheck, like 78% of Americans, you probably don’t have the money on you until payday comes along. That’s where payday loans try to “help.” Payday loans can be predatory because they focus on people who are often in desperate need of the money. The borrower writes a check for what they’re borrowing, plus the finance charges, and gives it to the lender. The lender withholds the borrower’s check until the loan is paid back with the added finance fees. The yearly interest rates on payday loans usually exceed 500% and can cause an already difficult financial situation to become even more so.

Selling Stuff on Craigslist

If you have things that are worth some cash but are just sitting around collecting dust, odds are somebody on Craigslist wants it. Compared to the two previous options, Craigslist may be a good option because no worries about interest rates and worsening a financial situation. Plus, it feels good to get rid of clutter and things you never needed in the first place.

Sell Your Old Car

One of the best ways to get cash for things you don’t need is by selling your car! People tend to have very emotional attachments to their old cars like it’s their valiant steed. It's important to remember that cars don’t take it personally. They’re meant to be driven until they fall apart, get crushed and recycled, and become something else again. Cars are tools; they will eventually break and then it's time to get a new one or find a different means of transportation.

Why Should You Sell Your Car?

There are lots of reasons why people would want to sell their car:

  • They have an extra car taking up space
  • Moved to a big city with great public transportation
  • A married couple has two cars when they only need one
  • Their car needs expensive repairs that exceed the value of the car

If any of these are you, I’m sure that you want to sell your car quickly and either buy a new one or put some extra cash in your pocket. If this is you, we want to help you get rid of that old car taking up space and put some extra cash in your hand.

How to Sell Your Car Fast for Cash

The first thing that you should always keep in mind is documentation. Make sure to have all your documents signed, updated, and ready to go. If you need to sell your car fast, make sure that you have these most important documents handy.

  • Certificate of Title of your car
  • Odometer disclosure statement
  • Vehicle history report
  • Maintenance records
  • Drafted bill of sale

Without these, you’ll find it much more difficult to convince someone to buy your car. These documents are imperative because they assure the buyer that your sale is legitimate, and nobody is trying to scam anyone.

Some other things you should do to increase the attractiveness of your car is:

  • Detail clean your car; interior and exterior
  • Take a ton of pictures
  • Stay as honest as possible

With documentation ready and your car in a presentable shape, it should help speed things along nicely.

Is It Possible to Get Cash for Your Car Today?

While it seems farfetched, selling your car in 24 hours or less is possible. It is important that you weigh the pros and cons of every possible way to sell your car, as well as the steps you must take to get to that point. Selling it the traditional way on sites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace requires you to:

  • Advertise your car
  • Sift through the countless spam messages for legit buyers
  • Set a time and place to meet buyers
  • Haggle with them once they see the car in person
  • The dreaded test drives
  • Figure out the paperwork with your buyer

If Not Craigslist of Facebook, Who Will Buy My Car Today?

If Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or any other number car selling marketplaces seem too difficult, frustrating, or time-consuming to use; there are a couple of other places you can try.


Dealerships will buy cars for cash in the same day, but it is important to remember that they’re going to turn around and sell this car to someone else. They focus on profit and nothing else. So, expect salesman tactics, talking to lots of different people, and car salesman trying to nickel and dime you to death. While it might be faster, it will be even more frustrating than trying Craigslist or other websites similar.

Car Buyers

One way to sell your car that a lot of people forget about is dedicated car buyers. If you need to sell your car for cash today to someone near you, these car buyers are often the best place. They can pick up your car in 24 hours or less, handle all the paperwork, and give you cash on the spot.

If You Need to Sell Your Car Online Fast for Cash, Try! is the best way to sell your car for cash today. You don’t have to wait to worry about listings or advertising your car on numerous websites. You don’t have to wait around for people to respond to your ads. There are no tire kickers, time wasters, lowballers, or curbside negotiators to worry about. We provide an instant cash for cars quote, provide free towing within 24 hours, and our customers receive the best customer service in the industry! We have thousands of happy customers and have almost 200 locations all over the United States. There is no better way to sell your car fast and online than!

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