Get Cash for Your Junk Car and Removal

You know, there are ton of different things you can do with your old junk car. One of the best things to do is get cash for your junk car and removal of it, or you can turn into a yard ornament. They’re a great way to express your inner artist. Here are a few other things you could do with a junk car:

Use It as a Canvas

There are hundreds of examples of people using their cars as a canvas for their next art project. If you’re artsy and want to turn a perfectly good junk car into art instead of cash, this is a great way to do this!

Fix It Up

There is always the option of fixing your junk car. This might take some serious investment, in both time and money. If your junk car isn’t in terrible condition, fixing your car might be easier than expected. Regardless, fixing up a car is a time-consuming project that might take more cash than you originally expected.

Donate Your Car

While donating your car to a noble cause is commendable, not everyone wants to donate the car that they spent so much time, money, or effort on. This obviously is on a case-by-case basis, but if you want to get the most from your junk car, there is a better option.

Junk Car Removal for Cash Near You

Companies that do junk car removal will come out to your home and pickup that eyesore of a junk car that has been sitting in your front yard or driveway. They tow away your car for cash and make the process as easy and painless as possible.

Free Junk Car Removal and Why to Avoid It

While your junk car might not be worth anything to you, its worth a lot to others who know what they can do with it. Businesses that offer free junk car removal are often using shady practices to make your think your vehicle is valueless.

Don’t Let Them Convince You Your Car is a Pile of Junk

You should always get paid if you’re selling a vehicle, no matter its condition. These businesses rely on making you feel like your car is valueless and you’re better off getting rid of it for free.

Businesses That Do This

You shouldn’t expect this from every business but there are a few businesses that want to make money off your ignorance. Don’t let them play you for a fool and be aware of what businesses might try to pull this!


Scrapyards are already working with very slim profit margins as it is. They will do whatever they can to get a car that’s falling apart to their yard for free. They’ll offer to tow away your junk car for free, and in the same day! This might seem like a good deal, but you always have the upper hand!

Pick-n-pull Businesses

These businesses are very similar to scrapyards. Instead of scrapping the car, pick-n-pull businesses will leave vehicles of all kinds in their junkyard and let customers disassemble them and pay for the parts. They will offer the same free removal and vouchers like scrapyards.

How Much Is Your Junk Car Worth in Cash?

This is a difficult question to answer because there are so many variables involved. The amount of cash that a company is willing to pay for your junk car will also vary. Factors that determine your junk car’s worth are:

  • Year, make, model, submodel, trim levels, etc.
  • Current market demand
  • Profitability
  • Overall condition

Finding the highest paying junk car removal business is not a definite answer because every company will value a vehicle differently. For example, Business A might love Toyotas because they have had a lot of success in the past with profitability. While Business B might not buy Toyotas because they are so common.

A good rule-of-thumb is to expect somewhere between $100-$500 for your junk car. It could be even more than that depending on if your car is special or not a junk car at all! You can read more about how much your junk car is worth here!

The Best Junk Car Removal Near You is!

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