Do You Need Cash for Your Used Cars?

Cars get old and can start to succumb to normal wear-and-tear. Things like:

  • Chips in the paint from rocks and road debris
  • A repair that should have been done sooner that did damage to other parts of your car
  • Damaged windshields from rogue rocks
  • When you come in a little too hot over a high spot in a road and crack your oil pan

All these things can happen to anyone. After a while, it seems that fixing your old beater is an uphill battle. There is little that you can do about it without keeping your car in the best shape possible. This can become costly. The best thing to do is put up your old, beat-up cars for sale and get cash for your used cars. You can use that money to invest in a new ride. Hopefully, it will serve you until the process starts over again.

Do You Want to Sell your Old Car?

We know it can be difficult to sell your old car. To you, it is worth its weight in sentimental value because of all the places you have been with it, the experiences you have had in it, and its loyal service to you over the years. That is why it is important to not let it indignantly rot in your driveway or front yard because it deserves better than that.

Who Will Pick Up Old Cars?

When selling an old car, there are plenty of places that are interested in buying your car. Even with 200,000 miles or more on it, people and businesses love old cars. These businesses will also tow your old cars for free! On top of that, they will take care of the majority of the car selling process for you.

Places That Buy Old Cars

Despite how old your car might be or how worthless you think it would be to anyone else, there is still a lot of value in old cars! Here are some different ways you can get rid of your old car!


One popular way that a lot of people get rid of old cars that they think are not worth any money is by donating! What happens is that a donation organization will schedule a free pick up for your old car. They will then pick up the car and either auction it or give it to someone in need. If the car goes to auction, the money from the auction will be donated to a charity. If the car is in decent enough condition, the donation organization will donate that vehicle to someone who needs it most.


A lot of people opt to go to a recycler as well. When you recycle your car for cash, a recycler will break down your car into its most elemental parts. There are many rare, expensive metal in catalytic converts, which is one of the most sought-after parts for recyclers. Once all the parts of value are stripped from the vehicle, the remaining metal is crushed and sold by the ton. Recyclers will give you a quote based on the weight of your vehicle. Since they are working with slim margins, do not expect a lot of cash for your old car.

Car Buyers

The easiest way to sell an old car is to a dedicated car buyer. They make the process simple by providing free pick up, an instant cash offer, and will usually give you more for your vehicle than a recycler. These companies strive for excellent customer service to stand out and compete with alternative means of selling your car. They make selling your car as easy as possible for their customers. If you are looking for places that buy, old used cars, get a quote from a car buyer first!

If You Need Cash For Your Used Cars, Use! is the premier car buyer in the auto industry and we pay cash for your used cars! We have over 35 years of car buying experience, thousands of happy customers, thousands of positive reviews, and nearly 200 locations in the United States! All it takes to get cash for your old cars is 5 to 10 minutes on the phone with one of our offer specialists, schedule your free pick up in 24 hours or less, and you will get a fair competitive quote over the phone! If you want to get cash for your old car, fill out our instant online quote, and see how much you can get for your used car!

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