Top 10 Crazy US Driving Laws

Man being pulled over for breaking one of the top ten crazy US driving laws
You might remember learning as a kid about how a bill becomes a law. Most laws were created to keep people from harming themselves and others, and, for the most part, they make sense. But every state has at least one law that must have a ridiculous story to go along with it. Today we bring you some crazy driving laws from around the U.S. Because of some silly people in history, today we bring you some crazy driving laws from around the U.S. Read on to make sure you don’t get fined or ticketed while taking any cross-country road trips in the future. 1) It is illegal for a woman to drive while wearing a housecoat in California. 2) Even though America runs on Dunkin, you can get ticketed for parking in front of the donut establishment in the state of Maine. 3) You have to be quick about getting in and out of your car in Oregon – it’s against the law to leave your door open longer than necessary.
4) Be careful who you bring home from the zoo, in Massachusetts it is illegal to drive a car with a gorilla in the backseat. 5) Holy traffic ticket, Batman! It’s against the law in Oklahoma to read comic books while driving. 6) Hunters beware: in Tennessee it’s illegal to shoot animals from your vehicle, unless it’s a whale, of course. 7) If you own a sheep in Montana, make sure you don’t leave it in the car by itself, it’s illegal! 8) In Florida, if you’re planning on parking your pet elephant on the street, make sure you bring quarters to feed the parking meter, it’s illegal to leave it tied to the meter without paying. 9) If you live in Denver, don’t buy a black car. It’s illegal to drive it on Sundays. 10) Keep both eyes on the road while driving in Alabama – it’s illegal to drive while blindfolded. wants to make sure that everyone knows we support all traffic laws, no matter how silly they might be. Does your state have any crazy driving laws that we missed? Tell us your favorite on Facebook!

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