The Top 7 Best Hybrid Cars 2019

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We’re all very well aware that electric cars and hybrids are becoming a more common option for those who wish to drive eco-friendly. However, these electric cars and plug-in hybrids can be considered unaffordable and time-consuming. Traditional hybrids are what set the wheels in motion for electric cars by combining gas engines and electric motors; saving drivers money by being electrically powered once the gas engine shuts off. But if you are not in a place where you can commit time and effort into charging your car, or if you drive frequently long commutes, conventional hybrid cars might be a better option for you.

How Do Hybrids Work?

While the electric component works as a backup generator, the gas motor can also be used to actually generate enough electricity to charge the hybrid’s battery. When a hybrid car slows down it can save electric power that would’ve otherwise been wasted.

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They also save fuel and money at slow speeds; when you drive around downtown, the hybrid can run purely on its electric motor to reserve gas. Gas Motors only need to come into play when more acceleration is required or wanted. By purchasing and driving a hybrid vehicle you’re allowing yourself more miles to cover at higher speeds.

Best Hybrid Cars 2019 | Best Options For Non-Plug-in Hybrids in 2019
(by mpg):


Toyota Prius Eco – $23,770

Ah yes, the hybrid cliche, the Prius. But did you know the Prius Eco gets 56 miles to the gallon? The Prius Eco has the highest mileage of those in its class. The 2019 Prius now offers 4-wheel drive and is still the most practical of hybrid options. Besides being extremely efficient and burning less gas, the Prius is also well known for it’s riding comfort and surprising capacity. This a perfect family car for driving back and forth between local places.


Toyota Camry Hybrid LE – $28,250

The Toyota Camry is the number one most used car in the United States, we buy plenty of them! The LE extension to the Toyota Camry Hybrid, however, makes this car even more proactive with a 53 mpg highway rating; making this car perfect for freeway commuters. The 2019 Camry hybrid has new intelligent interior features and much faster acceleration than the non-hybrid models. The Camry is recommended for highway commutes and carpooling.


Honda Insight – $22,930

The Honda Insight has incredible fuel-efficiency and aerodynamics for a sedan, reaching 52 mpg. The Insight moves faster than the previous hatchback, while still providing plenty of room. With the Honda Insight, you’ll receive excellent fuel economy and interior work for a very fair price. This vehicle is good for those who usually have passengers and take long drives.


Honda Accord Hybrid – $25,320

The Accord hybrid is an impressively roomy midsize sedan featured with so many high-quality interior options and innovative technologies that you’ll feel like you’re driving a luxury vehicle. This hybrid is smooth and quiet and reaches 48 mpg with a 1.5-liter engine. Accelerating quicker than a regular Accord, this car is a high competitor due to its extended mileage and passenger space. The Accord fits well for those with frequent fast-paced commutes.

Ford Fusion Hybrid – $27,555

As a guilty Ford Fusion owner, I go into every day knowing I would lose in a race due to its slow take off. But the eco boost, mileage, and cost-efficiency make up for it every time. Although it’s at the bottom of our list with 42 mpg (still really good mileage), it’s still an economic and beautiful looking car for the low price. The Fusion is definitely for those who drive a lot, but not at high speeds.


Best Luxury Hybrid Cars:

Lexus ES 300h $41,410

We all know how well Lexus is doing with their newest releases, and the features of this vehicle live up to it. While sacrificing speed for efficiency, the Lexus ES 300h has one of the best fuel economies in its class. This quiet motor excels on the highway with an mpg of 45. And because it’s a Lexus, this hybrid one of the smoothest rides you’ll ever be on. This is a well-round vehicle for long commutes and comfort.


Lincoln MKZ Hybrid$35,995

The Lincoln MKZ hybrid is surprisingly affordable for the mileage and newly innovative interior devices. This luxury sedan mainly stands out with its unique styling. Although not the top option for fuel economy, and more expensive than it’s Ford Fusion relative, this beauty does have a combined EPA of 41 mpg. The Lincoln is a good option for drivers who stay at high speeds and want comfort.


The Right Hybrid For You

When choosing the right hybrid vehicle for you, it all comes down to the benefits you wish to receive. This blog primarily pertains to those with heavy commutes and little downtime to plug-in. If the notions of never spending money on gas and eliminating fuel in the environment speak highly to you, plug-ins or fully electric cars might be the better option. You can learn more about the best of those options for 2019 in next week’s blog. If any these conventional hybrids speak to you, great! You can put money forward for your future hybrid vehicle by selling your current or old car for quick cash. Call or visit our site to get your free quote today!


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