How To Spring Clean Your Car: Inside Edition

How to spring clean your car

Hopefully spring has sprung in your neck of the woods, and you’re starting to think about getting everything tidied up after a long winter. In this two-part series, the team is going to give you some master tips on how to spring clean your car.

For our first post, we’re going to talk about how to spring clean the inside of your car, with a few handy tips and spots you may forget to clean. Check it out below:


Tip 1: Clean Out the Trunk


During the winter months, it’s smart to keep some basic supplies on hand in case of emergency. But once the snow starts to melt, you won’t be needing the extra winter coat or emergency snow shovel anymore. Take everything out of your trunk and give it a good vacuuming. Taking heavy items out will help your gas mileage, and you’ll have room for summer accessories, such as extra beach towels and sand toys.



Tip 2: Clean Out Your Air Vents


After spending so much time in your car, it’s no wonder that your air vents can become covered in dust and other contaminants. One way to clean them is with a foam art brush. They’re small and pliable enough to make dusting a breeze! If you have quite a bit of gunk built up in your vents, you could give your cleaning a head start with compressed air. It’ll blast away any grime and will leave your vents as fresh as the day you bought your car.


Tip 3: Clean Your Ceiling


You’ve probably never thought about it, but your car’s ceiling has probably never been cleaned. With spring almost being synonymous with allergy season, it’s smart to try to rid your vehicle of as many allergens as possible. Use a microfiber cleaning cloth to dust away pollen or pet dander, your sinuses will thank you!


Tip 4: Don’t Forget the Floor Mats!


Your floor mats have probably taken a beating from inclement weather and dirty snow boots all winter long. Give them some love by either spraying them with stain remover and throwing them in the washing machine, or giving them a good scrub with upholstery cleaner.


Tip 5: Clean Out the Pet Hair


If you’re a pet parent, all the hair is probably the bane of your existence. We’ve got another easy trick up our sleeves to help you rid your vehicle of pet hair once and for all. Use a spray bottle of water to loosen the hair from your upholstery, and then use a squeegee to wipe the hair away. Piece of cake!

Spring cleaning shouldn’t just be for the inside of your car. Check back next week for our tips on cleaning up the exterior!

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