How to Sell Your Car

How to sell your car

So, you’ve made the decision to part ways with your wheels. You might have already read our guide on what to do before you sell your car. But now you’re probably wondering, “How do I actually sell this thing?” Luckily for you, we’ve put together a plan on how to sell your car. Check it out below.


Use Your Keywords


In this digital era, the easiest way to get the message out that you’re selling your car is through the internet. With so many different platforms to choose from, it can be a tough choice where to list your ad. No matter where you decide to share your photos of your car, you’ll need to use keywords to stand out from the crowd.


Think about it from the perspective of a car buyer. They’re probably searching for something specific, like “minivan” or different makes and models. If there’s something specific about your car that would make it more attractive to a buyer, definitely highlight that aspect as much as possible.


Make a Test Drive Plan


Hopefully, your keyword-filled ad will send lots of interested buyers your way. Once you’ve talked to them and decided that it’s worth it to meet up with them, you’ll need to make a plan for the test drive.

You’ll want to meet somewhere public, just to be on the safe side. Before the day of the test drive, it’s a smart idea to drive around the area to figure out a safe route to let the customer drive. You’ll want these to be on busy enough streets, and fairly short. They won’t need to take a long drive to determine if they still want the car, and you don’t want to take the risk of something bad happening while the car is still yours.


Get the Paperwork in Order


On top of wanting to get all the records for the car together for the next owner, you’ll want to start getting the paperwork for actually selling the car in order. The exact documents that you’ll need will vary depending on what state you live in, but you’ll probably need the title to sign over to the new owner, a bill of sale, an odometer reading, and any other state certifications.

There may be fees associated with some of these documents, so you’ll want to know these before you actually sell the car so you can decide if you’re willing to pay them, or if it should fall to the buyer. You don’t want to have a surprise fee come up and lose the sale because of it!


Life After Your Car


Once you’ve navigated selling your car, there’s a short list of things you need to do on your end. After you’ve done that? You get to relax and enjoy not having to stress about selling your car!

We know, this sounds like a lot of work just to get rid of a car you don’t even want anymore. We have more good news for you! At any point in your car selling process, you can get a risk-free offer from our car buyers! Head over to our Get An Offer page to get started!

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