Your Essential Guide to Convertibles

Guide to convertibles

When the weather warms up, it can be very tempting to buy that sporty convertible. But, what do you need to know before you take that plunge? We’ve created your essential guide to convertibles so you have all the info about your dream car.


Top Differences


With most modern convertibles, you have the choice between a hard top and a soft top. Soft tops are less bulky and take up less space when folded up, but they offer less protection from the elements and aren’t as sound proof as their counterparts. Hard tops are going to be a better bet if you only plan on putting the top down on rare occasions.



Paying for Style


While regular maintenance is a must for any vehicle, there is some special care that goes into convertible ownership. If you opt for a soft top, know that it will need to be replaced down the road. Hard tops have a lot of machinery involved to make them operate, so those will most likely need some work during the life of the car. You’ll also need to make sure to clean either version regularly and properly.


Safety First


Convertibles have the challenge of sometimes being safer and sometimes being more dangerous. The best example is with blind spots. When the top is down, none of the features of the car are in your way, so you can see everything. However, when the top is up, the back window is much smaller in convertibles than in other models.


Lifestyle Changes


With a convertible, you’ll have to get used to a few changes from cars with their tops permanently secured down. For example, you won’t want to use the windshield wipers unless the top is up. You’ll also need to take extra precautions against getting too much sun exposure while driving. Also, you should never leave valuables in sight in any car, but convertibles can be easier to break into, especially if you leave it parked with the top down!

Aside from these things, convertibles are just cooler versions of regular cars. Want to get rid of your hard-top car and get some money to start your convertible fund? Get an offer from us today!


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