The Cities with the Worst Traffic in the US

City Traffic

Traffic. It’s inevitable, but it’s not the end of the world. We’ve talked about driving relaxation techniques before on the blog. You can use those tips in stressful driving situations to help alleviate your anger and tension, but what if you could take it even further? Avoid the congestion and stress brought on by some of the cities with the worst traffic?

Worldwide, America barely cracks the top ten cities for worst traffic, according to TomTom’s Traffic Index, which we’ll be referencing in this article.  So, there’s something to be thankful for as you’re making your daily commute in the states.


Read on for our list of U.S. cities to avoid, if you want a smooth commute.

Los Angeles Traffic


Los Angeles


It’s no big surprise that Los Angeles made it all the way to #1 on our list. It’s notorious for its crazy highway closures and commuter nightmares. All in all, you’ll spend roughly 41% more time in your car during peak hours of travel than at an off hour on the same roads.

San Francisco Bus in Traffic


San Francisco


San Francisco is also notorious for its amazing and abundant parking…we’re joking. The parking situation is arguably worse than the traffic. You’ll spend 36% more time in the car during peak traffic hours.

Taxis in New York City Traffic


New York City


It’s surprising that people even attempt to drive anywhere in NYC anymore, but here’s your proof. It’s the third worst traffic city in the U.S., and all that congestion isn’t just from taxis. You’ll spend 33% more travel time in rush hour.

Seattle Traffic




We’re seeing a pattern here. More expensive cities have worse traffic. This makes sense, since the majority of people who work in the city can’t afford, or don’t want, to live in the city. If you’re commuting into Seattle, expect to spend 31% more time in your vehicle in the mornings and afternoons.

Miami Traffic




You can dance the night away, but you’ll be wasting your mornings away sitting in traffic for an extra 28%.

Washington D.C. Traffic


Washington D.C.


If you live in or around D.C., you probably enjoy the hustle and bustle, so you don’t mind spending an extra 26% of your time getting home from work.

Portland Traffic




Commuters in Portland might be happy to know they can ditch the 26% time surge in peak traffic hours, recycle their car and spend just a little more time in the morning using public transport.

Chicago Traffic




All the hot dogs sans ketchup in the world won’t make Chicago drivers hate their commute any more. They’re tied with Portland for an additional 26% drive time.

Houston Traffic




Can’t those scientists at NASA make a personal rocket ship for commuters? Until that day, Houston drivers will spend roughly an additional 25% driving to and from work.

Boston Traffic




One of our favorite cities for public transportation also makes the list for the worst traffic at 25% additional driving time. Ditch the car, Boston. Embrace the bus, we promise there are benefits.

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