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We’re excited to announce that CashForCars has gone international! We’ve expanded our services beyond just that of North America! This has been a long time in the making. We are happy to serve other parts of the world in buying their unwanted, unused vehicles for cash! is rapidly growing and expanding internationally. We plan to expand our services into new countries all over the world! In this blog, we want to talk about both of the countries we have expanded to in the last two years and why.

Before we start, we should give you some background. is a subsidiary company of Copart Inc., that purchases vehicles for cash! You can read more about CashForCars and what we do here!


Ontario is the main area that services.

Much like the beautiful mountain ranges, rolling plains, and forested valleys of Canada; car-buying here is a wide-open frontier. There are few established car buyers within Canada. We wanted to extend our services to communities that need a dependable, trustworthy car buyer. Copart’s current presence in Canada allowed to leverage pre-existing Copart yards to begin buying cars from Canadian consumers. Since then, we have purchased thousands of cars in Canada and launched in December of 2017! Our success is all due to the support of our Canadian customers!

We are very excited that we have been able to serve our Canadian customers with our award-winning customer service, competitive offers and the easiest, most convenient way to sell your car online. Our goal is to become Canada’s go-to way to sell a vehicle! Our 35 years of car buying experience and unbeatable customer service make the best place to sell a vehicle in Canada!

Currently, is only servicing Ontario and areas around Ontario, but we plan to expand to many other Canadian provinces later in 2020! These locations will include Quebec, Alberta, and New Brunswick! Due to all our success and support from our Canadian customers, we decided it was time to expand to a country on the other side of the Atlantic!

Germany is in many different cities all around the country of Germany. One of the largest being Munich, Germany.

Germany, much like Canada, is a thriving country with a strong economy, beautiful landscapes, and bustling cities. When it comes to selling your car online, however, it lacks a truly efficient and convenient company that can buy cars quickly and securely online. This is because of various complicated  procedures that make it difficult to sell your vehicle in Germany. CashForCars wanted to solve this issue for German consumers. With the help of Copart in June of 2019, we launched!

There are few car buyers in Germany. There are many marketplaces that facilitate car transactions, but this doesn’t simplify the process. The car buyers that do exist in Germany do not make it easy for consumers to sell their vehicle. differentiates itself among car buying companies by offering fair money offers, free pickup, and instant wire transfers directly to sellers bank accounts. No other car buyer in Germany can claim to offer all of these conveniences to sellers looking to sell a car fast! makes it simple and easy for anyone who is looking to sell their car in Germany. We offer free instant and fair quotes, free towing, and we handle all of the paperwork for you! is unique in Germany because it is the exact same experience you are used to in the United States! is in many cities all over Germany. These include Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, and Frankfurt! You can see the full list of locations here!

Where to Next?! plans to expand to many different countries! There are countries all over the world that need a dependable and trustworthy car buyer. Germany and Canada are only the beginning!

If you are looking to sell your vehicle to a trustworthy, international car buyer that offers top dollar and offers the best customer experience in the industry, then click here to get your free quote from! If you live in Canada, then click here to get your free quote from! Or if you live in Germany, click here to get your free quote from!

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