Car Technology: What to Expect in 2018

While we’re still a few years away from being able to own self-driving cars, car technology is still making great strides in 2018. While the largest strides are in semi-automatic driving and anti-collision technology, below are some of the features that will make your day-to-day car ride a little bit sweeter.

Technology for Cars

More Singing in the Car For those audiophiles out there who would rather have a record player in their car than a stereo, this new feature will get your attention. It’s been argued that 90% of audio details on an MP3 track are lost when they’re digitally compressed. Using the new Clari-fi technology by Harman, listening to music in the car will be better than ever. Better Bluetooth Using “tap-to-pay” technology already incorporated into smartphones, syncing your Bluetooth devices will now be easier than ever. No more pairing devices, searching for a device or entering passwords. In the new Honda Accord model, simply tap your phone to a symbol on the car’s dashboard, and your phone will be automatically connected. Shouldn’t it have always been this easy? No need for keys? Why not just unlock your car from your phone? While the idea of not being able to start your car if your phone is dead is pretty frightening, there are other much more useful features to new car apps. Starting in 2018, car makers such as Hyundai, Ford, and Chevrolet will be creating apps that can unlock, start, and climate control your car. “How many cup holders does it have?” While having 7 cupholders is a definite plus, what if your car only has 1 USB port? Now, more and more car models are making sure that you have just as many cup holders as you have charging ports–with the Chrysler Pacifica taking the cake at 9 USB ports.

2018 Future Cars

In terms of technology, there’s a lot to look forward to for the future of cars in 2018. When you’re ready to upgrade your car, be sure to call to sell your car fast. In under 24 hours, you can have cash in your pocket and be driving your new ride!

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