So, You Bought a Lemon. Now What?

So, you bought a lemon. Now what?

Buying a car is typically a fun and exciting experience. Whether it’s brand new, or just new to you, you’ve probably spent countless hours daydreaming about all the new adventures you’ll go on with your new ride. Not to mention all the money you’ve saved up and all the time you’ve spent researching to get a car that’s right for your lifestyle.

Then the nightmare begins. It might just be small problems that keep popping up, but now your beloved new car seems to be at the mechanic more than on the road. Or maybe your vehicle unexpectedly quits on you at the most inconvenient time. You start to wonder, “Did I buy a lemon?”

Thankfully, every state, and Washington D.C., have Lemon Laws to protect consumers that bought junk cars unknowingly. There are more protections for new cars, but don’t fret if your used car is giving you trouble. Many states are broadening their protections for used car buyers as well.



Lawyer Up


One of the first steps to take if you’ve got a lemon on your hands is to consult a lawyer. Find one who specializes in Lemon Laws. They’ll be able to help you determine if you have a case. You might be able to represent yourself in small claims court, or it might be better to have a lawyer do all the leg work for you. Either way, you can rest assured you made the right choice if you’ve consulted an expert.


Show Me the Carfax


Make sure you run a vehicle history report on your car. Ideally, this should always be done before purchasing a used car, but it’s an absolute necessity once you suspect you’ve bought a lemon. You may uncover all sorts of problems with the vehicle that you had no idea about when you bought it. The problems with your car could be the result of a previous accident or a salvage or branded title.


Get It In Writing


Take your car to a trusted mechanic (or two) to have everything looked at. This will help you catch any and all problems that could rear their ugly heads. Also, make sure you document all repairs and maintenance to your car. Careful diagnosis will only help your case.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to turn your lemon into lemonade, and the manufacturer or the dealer will compensate you in some way for the vehicle. Be persistent in pursuing and following up with the seller, as most businesses and sellers who would be willing to sell a car under false pretenses certainly won’t be thrilled to give you your money back.

If you weren’t able to establish a Lemon Law case, get a risk-free offer for your car from us. We buy vehicles of all shapes and sizes, regardless of whether or not they operate and regardless of title type.

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