The Best Public Transportation Systems in the US

People taking Public Transportation

Commuting to and from work with public transportation is becoming more widely popular.  Many Americans don’t want to sit through rush hour traffic, and are moving into cities rather than the suburbs surrounding them, and driving is losing its popularity for both young and old commuters.  With this decline, public transportation systems will soon become the center of commuters everyday life.  Let’s evaluate public transportation systems around the country and see how they compare to each other.

Which public transportation system is the best and why? What matters most in determining the best?

  Public Transportation in Washington D.C.


Washington D.C.


The public transportation in Washington D.C. just got bigger.  With recent additions to the subway lines, this public transportation system provides service to multiple surrounding states.  Moreover, the system is easy to understand to even unsure tourists.  D.C. has earned the top spot because it has expanded both its reach and its ridership and hasn’t lost its quality and speed of service.

Public Transportation in New York city


New York


Combined with the New Jersey Transit System, the New York Public Transportation system services millions of riders a day and runs practically 24/7 with the late night subway schedule.  It is virtually impossible to not have access to a subway station on Manhattan and there are plenty of trains and subways leaving Manhattan to get to the outlying boroughs and cities.  The system can be a little overwhelming and confusing when you first use it, but once you understand how to navigate your way through, you will wish every transportation system was like this one!

Public Transportation in Chicago




The Chicago public transportation system is one of the oldest in the country.  The subways have some of the oldest tunnels and span across all of Chicago to service just over a couple million riders a day.  While it is not as widely expansive as New York and Washington D.C.’s systems, it does not falter in service.  Chicago public transportation provides one of the accessible journeys through a major city like the Windy City.

Public Transportation in Boston




The Boston public transportation system has the oldest subway tunnel in America.  With its many service stops and accessible routes, Boston wins the next spot.  While Boston doesn’t have nearly as many commuters using the public transportation services, it is one of the best in one of the smaller major cities.  It has four different components to its public transportation system, the subway, the city bus, the silver line buses and the commuter rail and makes for shorter commute time for both city and suburban dwellers.

Public Transportation in San Francisco


San Francisco


This public transportation system is not one to look down on.  It has a network of  channels that compliments San Francisco’s rhythm and still allows travelers to get to where they need to go quickly.  The network this city has even makes it more enjoyable and preferred to seeing the city.  While it has such a great network, it does not have an integrated system with surrounding city systems that are commonly used, such as the Bay Area.  The Municipal Railway is the primary transit operator and the buses system is not as developed as the higher ranking systems.  However, the city does make up for this with its use of streetcars and cable cars to get riders around.

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