How to Avoid Getting Your Car Stolen

A car thief

As you may have seen in the news recently, Queen Latifah had her car stolen while at a gas station in Georgia last week. While most forms of theft and burglary have been on a steady decline, current studies have shown a slight increase in car thefts. The good news is there are certain steps you can take to decrease your car’s risk of being the next victim. Read our tips below on how to avoid getting your car stolen.


Always Keep Your Car Locked


This may seem like a no-brainer, but you should always be in the habit of locking your car once you arrive at your destination, even if it’s your own driveway. This includes rolling up your windows and making sure your sunroof is closed. You should also avoid leaving the keys in your car, or leaving it idling while running a quick errand. By simply making your car less accessible you’re deterring the would-be thieves!


Keep Valuables Hidden


Even if you are only leaving your car for just a moment, always keep things like wallets, purses, electronics or other valuable objects out of sight. If these things are on display, it makes your vehicle a more tempting target for criminals. In some cases, even loose change in your cup holders could be enough to make someone break into your car. Make sure to keep any personal belongings in your trunk or otherwise out of sight if you have to leave them in the car.



Be Smart about Where You Park


Whenever you can, make sure you park in a well-lit area that is close to the entrance of your location. This habit will not only help keep your car safer, but it may keep you safer as well. Car jackers usually try to avoid the risk of being seen on security camera footage or by passersby.


Invest in Anti-theft Devices


Steering wheel locks, kill switches, and car alarms could not only help you avoid getting your car stolen, but many insurance companies also offer discounts to drivers who use them! You could also look into getting your vehicle identification number, or VIN, etched onto essential parts of your car. This includes the windows and fenders. These also deter thieves because if they can see that it will be difficult to steal your car, or that it could easily be identified, they may move on to a different vehicle.

Remember: no method of protecting your car is fool-proof, and, although it’s rare, a theft can happen even when you take the utmost care. If your car has been stolen, call the police immediately to report it missing. If you should ever come into contact with a car jacker, do not resist. Your car can be replaced, but you can’t! Your safety is far more important.

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