4 Do-It-Yourself Car Repairs You Can Actually Do

car repairs

Do-it-yourself car repairs sound like a scary idea to most people. Unless you have a basic understanding of how a car works, and have assisted someone in their car repairs, it might even seem impossible. But the thought of saving some cash by fixing a few basic things yourself is pretty appealing.

You might be surprised to know there are a few repairs that aren’t out of your reach. Saving the extra money on needless trips to the dealership or your local car repair shop can make a little work really worth it! Here are our 4 favorite DIY car repairs.



Changing Your Car Oil


Changing Car Oil

If you can handle changing your oil, you can move on to even bigger projects with more experience. Plus, this is actually trickier than it looks. Changing your oil involves steps under the hood and under the car. Also, oil equals mess, so heed the warning of protective eyeglasses and gloves.

We love the pictures and step by step guide at wikiHow. Check it out to get started.


Changing Your Coolant


Changing Car Coolant

This process has gotten a lot harder over the years, as have many DIY repair jobs, but it can still be done. As always, make sure you’re checking your owner’s manual for the proper levels and types of fluids and levels for your vehicle.

We like the different coolant tutorials depending on the year of your car at The Family HandyMan.


Changing Your Brakes


Changing Brake Pads

Nothing will make you feel better than getting rid of the horrible noise that comes with old and useless brakes. It makes the hard work worth it, and saving the money that you’d be shelling out to your dealership is the icing on the cake.

Read how to change your brakes the easy way at Jalopnik.


Replacing Your Air Filter


Changing Car Air Filter

Changing your cars air filter is keeping all the gross things in the air out of your vehicle’s engine, so it’s important to change it according to the guidelines in your owner’s manual. Not only will changing your air filters yourself save you money from labor costs, but changing your air filter on a regular basis saves you money on gas!

Allstate has a great tutorial on changing your air filter that will show you the ropes.

Once you learn and master these basics, you’ll save cash, impress friends, and you might actually know what your car repair guy is talking about at your next state inspection. It’s a win-win situation when you DIY car repairs at home.

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