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The Worst Cars from 2002 and Forward

Some cars are known for their looks; others are known for their speed. Some cars are known for their dependability, and some cars are known to have none of these qualities. In this article, we will be covering the worst cars from 2002 and forward. Our decisions will be made […]

13 Best High School Cars On A Budget

With all the back to school advertisements on mass media and Social Media regarding “Back to School” sales promotions we thought we would write about what’s most important to high school students, their car. If Mom or Dad is buying the vehicle they probably want something safe and practical which […]

4 Facts About Electric Cars You Should Know

With the price of gasoline in Chicago around $2.75, in Los Angeles around $3.25 in Miami around $2.30 and Philadelphia around $2.70 per gallon – do you wonder what it would be like to never have to stop at a gas station to fill up your vehicle with gas? Then […]
How electric cars work

How Electric Cars Work | Pros and Cons of Electric Cars

How Electric Cars Work Since their first inception, electric cars have overcome an incredible level of obstacles, and they have blossomed in popularity. You may be wondering what are some of the reasons that you should buy an electric car and what reasons should you buy one of the more […]
tips for car washing, car cleaning tips

DIY Car Wash | Tips for Car Washing

When it is time to move those non-running junkers cluttering up your driveway, visit Cash for Cars and get the seamless transaction that you desire. You’ll obtain some of the highest rates around and be given the convenience of an expeditious pickup whenever your schedule has an opening. Learn these […]
highway vs freeway, highway safety tips

Highway Driving Tips | Freeway vs Highway

When you no longer feel comfortable driving on the highways or freeways because your vehicle’s bearings whine, the suspension makes you feel like you are driving a boat, and you are prone to breakdowns at any given time, it is time to visit Cash for Cars. Cash for Cars has […]
Save Money

Best Time of Year to Buy A Car and Save Money

Buying a car is a huge investment much like buying a house. It requires much thought as you may plan on having this car for the next decade. Many people look for a good deal when purchasing a car. Buying the car you want for a good price is the ideal […]
Used SUV, SUV, Used Car, New SUV, Used Car

Why You Should Sell Your Used SUV

Why spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on maintaining your old SUV? When you could get thousands in return for selling it. Why do we do it? It’s not for safety, and certainly not for mileage. But, I guess some of us believe in the old Texas phrase, “bigger is […]
Buying a Used Car, Buying a Car, Buy a Car, Buy a Used Car

How to Buy a New or Used Car

At Cash For Cars, we make selling your broken, junk, and beater vehicles super easy so that you can let go of the worry. Don’t hang onto that junker. Learn these negotiating and purchasing tips to always wind up with the best deal possible. We know that finding the right […]
How To Fix a Flat Tire

On The Road Flat Tire Repair Tips

There is nothing more frustrating than cruising along happily, vocalizing to music, and then suddenly hearing a loud POP and feeling pulling at one of your wheels. The immediate safety measure that you need to take is slowing down and pulling over to a safe shoulder of the highway as […]
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