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A Little About Hartford–Springfield, Connecticut!

The greater Hartford–Springfield area is an encompassing urban region and surrounding suburban areas. It involves both north-central Connecticut and the southern Connecticut River Valley in western Massachusetts. The major cities involved are Springfield, Massachusetts, and Hartford, Connecticut.

With approximately 1.9 million residents and 160,000 university students, this area is referred to as the “Knowledge Corridor” due to the Hartford–Springfield Economic Partnership, The Hartford–Springfield region is New England's second-most populous area after Greater Boston.

With various hospitals and over 29 universities and liberal arts colleges, there are also a number of the most prestigious schools here. Including cities such as Northampton and Amherst in the north, as well as New Britain and Middletown in the south.

Since their founding in the 1630s, Hartford and Springfield have possessed a common Connecticut River heritage. They were both were among the original four settlements of the Connecticut Colony. During the mid-20th century, both Hartford and Springfield experienced a loss of manufacturing during economic restructuring.

Since 2000, both cities have seen an increase in public and private investment and a general increase in culture.

Now, both cities are pursuing different strategies to reconnect with the Connecticut River for economic and recreational opportunities.

Learn About Literature

The Mark Twain House and Museum was the home of Samuel (Mark Twain) and Olivia "Livy" Clemens. Here they commissioned their new home in Hartford in 1873.

Their house had every latest convenience which you can take a look at in the tour of their three-story Victorian mansion. In the tour, you will learn engaging stories that reveal insights into both Samuel's and Livy's personalities.

Visit a Premiere Arts Collection

The Wadsworth Atheneum has one of the finest American art collections. It is also one of the oldest free public museums in the United States. Housing over 50,000 works of art, it is set in a Gothic-style building.

Some of the major highlights you will see here are Italian Baroque paintings, Surrealist artists such as Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró, Max Ernst, and René Magritte. You can also find works by Claude Monet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

Get Hands-On With Science

There are over 168 exhibits in this hands-on science museum. Adults will have as much fun as kids, here. With do-it-yourself activities, you can have fun racing robots, playing with legos,

or even interacting with hurricane-force winds. You can even enter a marine touch tank that examines the Connecticut River and its creatures.

Learn About the State Capitol

Take a trip to Capitol Hill overlooking Bushnell Memorial Park. Here you can see the High Victorian Gothic State Capitol, which was built in 1879.

It contains the State Senate Chamber as well as the Hall of the State House of Representatives, and the offices of the Governor. The building is a National Historic Landmark with many beautiful features, such as Italian marble floors and stained glass windows.

Enjoy a Rose Garden

As the country’s first municipal rose garden and third-largest in the United States, Elizabeth Park Rose Garden was named for Elizabeth Pond. With 102 acres donated to the city, the gardens contain more than 15,000 plants with 800 varieties of roses.

You can see old and new varieties of tea, climbers, hybrid perpetual, floribunda, shrub, and pillar roses. The best time to visit is in June and early July when the ramblers covering the arches are in full bloom. In the winter, you can even go ice skating.

Learn Local History

Learn about local history at the Connecticut Historical Society. There are multiple collections housed in a Colonial Revival mansion originally owned by inventor Curtis Veeder. With over 200,000 artifacts and images, there are even writings from as old as the 1600s.

This is the largest exhibit in the country, and even includes exhibits such as those from women's suffrage, the home front, WWII propaganda posters, Victorian fashion, traditional folk artists, costumes from Hartford's West Indian Community, and other themes in New England history and culture.

Visit an Ancient Burial Ground

There are two attractions along Main Street for those interested in history. The Ancient Burying Ground is Hartford's oldest historic landmark. Find gravestones from as old as 1648 and around 6,000 graves in total.

You can also head to the view displays of art, antiques, and other household furnishings. There are specific interests in women, art, and some of the first families to settle in the area.

Filled With History and Culture

This area of the east coast is beautiful and filled with history. If you want to learn about early America, eat some incredible seafood, and enjoy local architecture, this is a wonderful option.

Take a trip through the various museums, go to a science museum, or visit an ancient burial ground. There is so much to see in this region to enjoy.

Get Cash For Cars in Hartford Springfield!

Many people get frustrated when trying to sell their car. I mean, who can blame them. Those countless hours, awkward meetups, and unnecessary confrontations are all time that you'll never get back. Places like Craigslist may get you a good deal, but at the expense of your precious time and sanity.

That's why makes it as easy as possible to sell your vehicle no matter where you live! Cash For Cars Hartford Springfield has been buying cars from the public, all over the United States, for over 35 years! Selling your car in Hartford County has never been easier! All it takes is a call to (860) 454-9295, and 5-10 minutes of your time!

In 24 hours of less, your could turn your car into cash. It doesn't matter what condition, what make, model, or year; Cash For Cars Hartford Springfield will take it all! Don't wait around until it's too late! Freezing cold temperatures and snow can be hard on a vehicle, especially a junker.

The sooner you can get rid of it the better for the vehicle and for your wallet. Cash For Cars Hartford Springfield will pickup your vehicle no matter where you are in Hartford County. Give us a call at (860) 454-9295, and get cash for your car in 24 hours or less!


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