Underground Tunnels: An Innovative Alternative To Transportation

underground tunnel
Tesla CEO Elon Musk has innovated our means of transportation with underground tunnels. His company, The Boring Company has been researching and developing the use of tunneling for mass transit and the first tunnel is expected to open to the public on December 10, 2018 in Hawthorne, CA.
Like the rest of us, I’m sure you have many questions about these tunnels. First you probably ask “why?” You’re wondering how it works, how it’ll affect you, how much it costs, and so on. It’s simpler than it seems and we’re here to explain how.

Why Underground Tunnels

Many cities are dealing with chronic traffic issues that lead to congested highways. In fact, the average commuter spends around 40 hours a year sitting in traffic. We’re limited on the amount of lanes we can add due to space and costs, and other forms of transportation, such as planes, are not feasible for everyday use.
Society has been hopeful for a different alternative for mass transit for decades, and most of us thought flying cars would be the future. However, flying cars are not realistic due to the immense wind force they would produce. Think of it as having helicopters flying all over town and in your neighborhoods. It’d be noisy and we’d face the risk of flying car parts falling out of the sky if they have an accident or malfunction.
Musk thought that if it’s not ideal for mass transit to function by flight then maybe we could take our current form of transportation and modify it to work underground where there’s more room.

So How Does It Work?

Cars will be lowered into a 3D network of tunnels from above ground roads on what is essentially an elevator. There will be stations, or elevator platforms the size of a parking space, throughout the city. You park your car on the platform and you’ll be lowered into the tunnel system where your car will remain on the platform – called a car “skate”- and it’ll take you to your destination traveling at up to 150 mph or 700 mph in the Hyperloop tunnel.
The underground tunnels will also be suitable for mass transit with the implementation of shuttles that hold up to 16 passengers, all traveling to the same stop. Shuttles are expected to work best in scenarios where many people take the same route to different destinations. For example, most people take the same highway to work at the same time, even though their office buildings may be a few streets apart.
A common misconception is that these tunnels are like subways. However, they are different from subways for two important reasons. One, it eliminates traffic congestion. Stations can be built almost anywhere due to their parking-lot size. Ideally we will eventually have them in our garages at home and at our office buildings, meaning everyone will no longer be trying to take the same ride at the same time. Two, it’s more time efficient. You do not stop until you reach your destination, unlike subways that make multiple stops along the way.

How It Affects You

The Boring Company has been doing their best to be a community player while building their first test tunnel in Hawthorne, CA. They have worked with the city to gain necessary permits for construction and do not drill underneath homes or businesses.
The tunnels are built at least around 30 feet underground so you cannot hear them, see them or feel them. They will not cause any road closures due to construction and they are safe. They are waterproof and won’t be affected by earthquakes or sink holes. In fact, the safest place to be during an earthquake is underground.
The most exciting aspect about these tunnels is that they are affordable to use. They are expected to cost less than taking a taxi, with the first tunnel in California costing $1 to ride. Three other tunnel projects are in the works for Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington D.C. and are all expected to be just as affordable.

What Does It Mean For Our Future?

With both single and mass transit options available through Elon Musk’s underground tunnels we may no longer have to sit in traffic for half an hour on the way to work. If you plan on taking the tunnel shuttles to work in the future maybe it’ll be time to sell your car soon. Transit by tunnel seems to be approaching faster than we think.
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