5 Ways That Riding a Bus Improves Your Life

Woman Riding Bus

When it comes down to transportation options sans-car, you could do a lot worse than busing it. The price of an Uber adds up, walking has it’s limitations, but the bus…the bus always has your back. Here are the the top 5 reasons why CashForCars.com always has a bus pass at the ready:

1. You’ll be saving lots of money

No car payments. No insurance premiums. No gas to buy. These three items alone cost thousands of dollars a year. What else could you be doing with that money? Finally plan that trip you’ve wanted to take. Replace your wardrobe. Save it for a rainy day. You finally get to decide where your money goes, not your car.


2. You’ll be a champion of preservation

Maybe your main goal is to save money, but you’ll also be helping the environment. Your impact to lower pollution might be small, but you may influence others to change their driving habits, and every small change can add up to a big difference!

3. You’ll have more time to think

There’s a bit of waiting involved in bus riding. You have to wait at the stop, the rides are a little longer, and you might have to walk a short way to get your final destination. Don’t think of this as wasted time. Use it to your advantage! Try listening to a podcast or an audiobook. Since you’re not driving, you could actually READ a book!

4. You’ll plan more carefully

No more impulse cart loading at the grocery store. You can only carry so much with you on the bus, so not only will your grocery bill lower, but you’ll become a smarter shopper. Bonus: You’ll be better about sticking to plans with friends because you’ll take more time to plan them.

5. You’ll be healthier

We can’t promise a long and lustrous life, but choosing the bus route adds a bit of walking to your daily routine. The other thing you’ll notice is that you walk to places that you used to always drive to. The grocery store around the corner doesn’t seem so far when you don’t have a car to hop into. Buy a pedometer and start giving yourself daily goals for how many steps you should take.

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