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Warmer weather means camping season is near, but don’t gather up the family and head out the door just yet! Is it time to upgrade your camping vehicle and camping experience?

Take a minute to find the gadgets and gizmos that will give you a camping experience you’ll never forget. It’s still camping…even if you’re comfortable, and the latest in camping technology, combined with the standard gear you already bring camping with you, should make camping the ultimate outdoor activity.

Take a look at the top 10 car camping gadgets to make your next friend or family camping trip stress-free and more comfortable.
    1. Fuloon. This is an inflatable backseat car bed that is a great backup plan for handling unexpected storms or any other kind of inclement weather while you are camping. The unique aspect of this inflatable mattress is that it turns your whole back seat area into a bed not just the width of the seat. This mattress works in over 90% of cars and inflates with the car power port.
    2. Road Shower. Anyone who has been camping knows how dirty you get in just one day. Well, this road shower is solar heated and pressurized. The Road Shower holds up to 5 gallons of water and can be installed on the roof of your car!
    3. Satechi Socket Extender. This gadget is a 12-volt car socket extender. You can plug this device into your car’s power port, allowing you access to five different USB charging ports. The USB ports can also be turned off individually to maintain and save power.
    4. Burton Digital Stove To Go. This stove can be used by simply plugging it into your car power port! The stove can get up to 350 degrees and has 11 settings to ensure precise cooking. You can even use this stove as a slow cooker to make soups, casseroles or sloppy Joes!
    5. Scepter 16- inch HDTV. This TV is another handy gadget that gets its power from your car’s power port. Never miss the game or season finale of your favorite show while camping again!
    6. Swing and Smoke Tailgate Grill, Turn any camping spot into a BBQ paradise with this Party King Grill! Forget the hassle of trying to pack your backyard grill. With this Party King Grill, you can cook and access your cargo space simultaneously. This awesome gadget just attaches to your trailer hitch!
    7. Buddy Box System. Upgrade your camping vehicle on your next trip! The Buddy Box System gives you access to a sink, toilet, and fridge. The different Buddy Box modules are sold separately but, the collection includes Pottybuddy, Spacebuddy, Cookbuddy, BBQbuddy, Washbuddy, and Fridgebuddy. Start your collection now and look forward to a Beer Tap Buddy and Speakerbuddy that might come in the future.
    8. The Sky Tent. This tent is the perfect camping gadget to avoid sleeping on the ground and coming in contact with all of those creepy crawlers and curious animals! The Sky Tent attached to any roof rack and can be set up in minutes. The tent is also equipped with a 3-inch foam mattress, so you can sleep comfortably.
    9. SylvanSport Go Camping Trailer. This lightweight trailer can be towed by almost any car! The only 840-pound trailer can open up to store bikes, paddle boards, or other gear when it is in travel mode. The trailer can serve as two small beds with a fold out table in the middle of the table can be combined with the two to make a larger bed.
    10. Yatoo Camper. This really cool car gadget that turns your car into a makeshift camper! The Yatoo Camper works with any standard car, truck or van and gives you room to eat, sleep and relax. This camper will sleep two adults, but you can get the attachment, Tipoo, that will increase it to four adults or two adults and three children. In addition to sleeping arrangements, this camper also has a kitchenette, gas stove and sink that has a 20-liter clean water tank and 20-liter waste water tank.

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