¿Qué hacer con un auto totalizado?

When your car is totaled, meaning it has been deemed a total loss after an accident and is damaged beyond repair status, it can be challenging to make up for the loss. Ultimately, a totaled car will cost you money because suddenly you are without a car and you need cash or a new one. Most people prefer that their car not be labeled a total loss to avoid losing money on its value or having to be without a car for a long time while negotiating with insurance companies and finding a new car to buy.

Who determines a total loss?

After an accident, the first thing you are probably wondering is, "Was your car totaled?" Unfortunately, the insurance companies are the ones who have the right to determine if they totaled and how much money or cash you will receive. They will evaluate your vehicle after the accident and determine if it is worth the cost of repair.

There are also some specific damaging factors that insurance companies look for when determining whether a car is leaking or not, such as airbag deployment, frame damage, axle misalignment, engine damage, etc. to repair the damage so they have to pay less money.

You can fight the insurance companies, but it's likely to be a real uphill battle. You will need to gather documents that show your vehicle's maintenance history, and perhaps even hire a private appraiser. Also, check the laws in your state to see what protections and rules they have to determine the full meaning of the car. Even then, there is still no guarantee that the insurance company will decide to revoke your statement.

What happens to a totaled car?

Typically, once insurance determines that your car is a total loss, they will attempt to sell the totalized car at auction to recoup some of the cash they turned over to the owner. This is just general practice, they don't have to sell it at auction, they have plenty of other options. The car owner can keep the car, but the insurance company will not give the owner money. But this may not be a bad thing if the money offered by the insurance company is small.

Some owners may have a hard time figuring out what to do with a wrecked car if they don't give it to the insurance company. The car owner actually has the option to sell the car and try to recoup the losses himself. In many circumstances, they can earn more money than the insurance company would pay. However, they will have to sell it with a recovered title.

Why sell a total loss yourself?

There are many reasons for an owner to sell their totaled car. The main reason is that the car is uninsured and the owner is at fault or the car has been damaged by an uninsured vehicle. Either scenario can make it difficult to obtain sufficient cash from the insurance company. There are also different types of auto insurance, such as comprehensive coverage, collision, liability, etc., that can make it difficult to pay properly for your totaled vehicle. If you don't have the proper insurance, you may be out of luck. Take, for example, if your car is totaled for hail, but you don't have comprehensive insurance. The insurance company will do everything possible to avoid a cash payment.

How To Make Money At A Total Loss Without The Insurance Company

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