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A Little About Danville, Virginia!

Danville, a city in the Commonwealth of Virginia, is positioned on the Dan River fall line.

This city is known for its historical importance during the Civil War when it served as a meeting space for Confederate troops and military commanders.


The city's location on the Danville and Richmond Railroad made it a highly strategic location during the war. Danville's population hovers around the 43,000 marks. Though the Appalachian League's Danville Braves no longer play in Danville, there is plenty to do in this historical city.

The local population grew quite rapidly, largely because of its proximity to the Danville Railroad and the Richmond Railroad. The Atlantic and Danville Railway was built in 1890, bringing that much more business to the area, ultimately helping to transport agricultural and manufacturing products throughout the region.

Fast forward to the late 19th century and Danville grew even faster after the Civil War ended. In fact, the grand passenger station constructed in Danville one year prior to the start of the 20th century is still used as an Amtrak station.

Though the city's temperatures have the potential to climb toward 80 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, the area receives minimal precipitation in all seasons.

Take a spin through town and you will likely find your way to the Virginia Museum which uses the grand passenger station as a satellite facility. Danville has mild weather throughout the entirety of the year.

If you are a nature-lover, make your way on over to the beautiful Riverwalk Trail by the Dan Daniel park, perfectly positioned along the picture-worthy Dan River.


Danville’s history dates back to Native American tribes that originally resided in this section of the Piedmont region. In fact, historians insist the area was inhabited dating all the way back to prehistoric times. Tribes that spoke the Siouan language lived in the area during the colonial period.

The boundary between North Carolina and Virginia was explored by an expedition headed by William Byrd, a famous English Colonist. This expedition took place in 1728. Byrd was captivated with the land's natural beauty and envisioned a settlement in the area.

Byrd named the space along the river where his group camped as "Dan.” Byrd chose this name as he felt as though he traveled all the way from Dan to Beersheba. The area's initial settlement first started after the American Revolutionary War in 1792.

This settlement formed downstream from the campsite originally established by Byrd and his men. The settlement, dubbed Wynne's Falls, was named after its first-ever settler. A tobacco warehouse was subsequently built in this space.

The name of the village was changed to Danville in 1793. The town's charter was officially drawn up in February of 1830. However, by this point in time,

the area population exceeded the boundaries that had been established years ago, ultimately spurring a new charter. The city's first mayor, James Lanier, was elected in that same year.


Though Danville's textile market has been shifted offshore and the Dan River Mill is no longer open, locals find employment with a number of other Danville-area businesses.

Some of the area's top employers included an IKEA subsidiary known as Swedwood, the chocolate and water specialist Nestle, Goodyear Tire, and the Danville Regional Medical Center.

The area's top earners have the opportunity to buy and rent homes on Danville's Millionaire's Row. Take a spin over to this ritzy part of town and you will find glorious homes built by wealthy tobacco planters in the late 19th century and early 20th century.

Continue driving through town and you will make your way to historic districts ranging from North Main to Downtown Danville, The Old West End, Holbrook-Ross Street, and the Tobacco Warehouse. The Sutherlin Mansion is home to the revered Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History.

Continue driving through the city and you will find the Historic Downtown section has been revitalized thanks to funding provided just ahead of the Great Recession in 2008. Danville is affectionately referred to as the City of Churches for good reason.

Danville has more religious buildings per square mile than any other Virginia city. Additional local highlights include the Tank Museum which is sure to intrigue military buffs, the Danville Museum of Fine Arts & History, the Danville Science Center, and Lou's Antique Mall.

If you are looking to down some drinks and listen to live music, you will feel right at home at 2 Witches Winery & Brewing Company. Danville also has another popular watering hole in Ballad Brewing where you will find tasty beer and plenty of fun games to play.

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