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Name: Cash For Cars - Lincoln
Address: 13603 238th St Suite B, Greenwood, NE 68366
Phone Number: (402) 389-5987
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A Little About Lincoln, Nebraska!

Lincoln is the second-largest city in Nebraska. It is also the capital and sits 60 miles southwest of Omaha. Oto and Pawnee Indians were early inhabitants in the area. In the 1850s settlers came to pursue the salt flats nearby.

Eventually, the site was chosen as the state capital in 1867 because it was accessible to the river. What most people do not know is that Lincoln, Nebraska was actually named after President Lincoln.

Now Lincoln is a regional center of government, commerce, finance, arts, education, and health care. It offers various railways as well as an airport. There are a variety of agricultural products that come out of Lincoln, including soybeans, corn, sorghum, wheat, hogs, and poultry.

Lincoln was ranked as the #3 U.S. City, Quality of Life by NerdWallet, 2017, as well as #1 in America's Healthiest Small Cities by Daily Finance in 2014. With more parkland per capita than Austin and Portland, Loconoln offers a low cost of living and a variety of diverse employment opportunities. Lincoln is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing metro areas in the Midwest.

Head to the Historic Haymarket District

The Historic Haymarket District is a fun place to walk around, grab a snack, or even bask in the sun when the weather is nice. With a beautifully renovated and restored late 19th-century area, there are brick warehouses, brick streets, a large water tower, and a unique clock.

The University of Nebraska is nearby and the students often go to the establishments around here. There is Lincoln station in the middle of it all which was once a railway depot. Now it offers a restaurant and visitor center. Expect farmer’s markets often and the closure of roads for events.

Experience History at the Nebraska State Capitol

Although it took many years to construct the state capital, this 400-foot tower contains a lot, including government offices. The cost of the building was 10 million dollars and construction took 10 years. This began all the way back in 1922.

If you are interested in architecture at all, this limestone exterior depicts 3,000 years of democracy through carvings. Check out the ornate interior of marble columns, mosaic floors, and murals. The figure on the very top is a 19-foot-tall bronze figure of The Sower.

Walk Through the Sunken Gardens

The beautiful Sunken Gardens are a work of natural art. Founded in 1930, the Sunken Gardens offer a beautiful setting to enjoy and relax in. The park has three main gardens: the Healing Garden, where all the plants bloom white; the Perennial Garden; and the Annual Garden.

In the Annual Garden, there are 30,000 plants used each year to create new designs and themes. Although small, over only two acres, this is a great quick trip to see some natural beauty.

Explore True Nature at the Pioneers Park Nature Center

For anyone who loves nature, the Pioneers Park Nature Center is ideal for those on a budget. This is some free outdoor fun with education as well. On 668 acres, you can spend an entire day learning about how the Great Plains used to look before the modern era.

You can even enjoy yourself on eight miles of hiking trails that go all around the property. See herds of bison, deer, and even elk. Keep your eyes peeled for hawks, barred owls, and wild turkeys.

Admire Art

The Sheldon Museum of Art consists of 12,000 pieces of art. There are more than 30 sculptures with pieces by proclaimed artists,

but specifically American Art. Some artists include Mary Cassatt, Georgia O'Keeffe, and Andy Warhol.

Take the Kids to Learn

The Lincoln Children's Museum is both fun and educational, especially when you need to spend time inside. With colorful and exciting exhibits,

enjoy yourself in an area spread over 20,000 square feet. This allows your children to be creative and learn at the same time.

Skate Around

The National Roller Skating Museum is an amazing attraction and not something you will see every day. This is a free attraction that offers all of the types of roller skates throughout history, as well as memorabilia on display.

With a focus on five different types of rolling fun: Inline skating, Artistic Skating, Roller Hockey, Speed Skating, and Roller Derby, there is plenty to look at. The tour is self-guided, so this is very simple and good for the whole family. It is something like no other museum in the world.

Big City With Plenty to Do

Lincoln is not the largest city, but quite a big one. It offers a variety of activities and is a perfect place to raise a family.

With a booming job market and new industries coming to this area, you will be sure to find a place with low-cost living, but high happiness potential.

Get Cash For Cars in Lincoln

How often have you been searching through Lincoln, Nebraska for a buyer and can’t seem to find anybody reasonable enough to meet your needs? With Cash for Cars Lincoln, your days of searching are over. Cash For Cars Lincoln is the company you’ve been searching for.

With the help of our purchasing agents we’ll provide you an offer that meets your needs and will work as quickly to get that used and unwanted vehicle off your hands. Not necessarily in Lincoln? No worries, we service in surrounding cities including; Columbus, Beatrice, and Omaha.

You’re trying to sell something other than a car? Not a problem! We pay cash for all sorts of vehicles; trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, RVs, and boats too. You don’t think the condition of your vehicle will be accepted? Nonsense!

All conditions are accepted, small scratches, no longer running anymore, pieces missing, we will still pay cash for your vehicle. By now you’re wondering if this is too good to be true. Cash for Cars has 30 years of experience and are one of the top junk car removal companies across the U.S.

With over 150 locations we have serviced millions of sellers just like you. Our award-winning service comes with speedy pickups, usually in 24 hours. Our service also comes with added perks such as, free towing to your vehicles location. There are no gimmicks to the process at all.

All we ask for you to do is answer a couple of questions regarding your vehicle so we can provide you with an accurate offer. Put the days of haggling with strangers behind you. No more will you have to deal with the hassle of selling cars. Contact one of our purchasing agents today with one phone call or fill out the form on the bottom of this page, and watch your old car turn into new cash.


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