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A Little About Helena, Montana!

Known as the “Queen City” Helena is the state capital of Montana and sits in Lewis and Clark County. There are around 30,000 residents in the city of Helena, which is quite small for a state capital. It is actually the fifth least populated city in the country.

Originally inhabited by indigenous peoples, there are both the McHaffie and Indian Creek sites on opposite sides of the Elkhorn Mountains. These people came from the Folsom culture and lived in the area more than 10,000 years ago. People such as the Salish and Blackfeet tribes visited the area seasonally as well. They were nomadic people.

The name Helena came from the island of St. Helena, which is where Napoleon was exiled. Founded during the Montana gold rush in 1864, the city became extremely wealthy. With around 50 millionaires inhabiting the area by 1888, this would be worth around $3.6 billion today.

With a climate that is considered semi-arid, the winters are long and cold, but only somewhat snowy. You can also expect hot and dry summers, with short springs and autumns. Typically temperatures get quite cold, averaging 7 degrees in January and 70 degrees in August. Snow has been seen every month except July but should not be expected from May to September.

Take a Historical Train

The Last Chance Tour Train is a wonderful experience. You can visit all of Helena’s highlights on an hour-long tour.

You can get background on the different places around the city. You can board at the Montana Historical Museum.

Strike Gold

Head to the Last Chance Gulch. In this spot, miners struck gold in 1864. Although these miners ran dangerously low on supplies, four of them tried this gulch one last time. In four years they pulled 19 million dollars of gold out of the ground here.

Take a walking tour of the gulch, and start at Reeder’s Alley. Then you can pass through all of the historic areas to find an urban mall. Stroll through shops, restaurants, and outdoor art while you stroll along.

Have Some Amazing Ice Cream

If you are looking for the best ice cream around, head to the Parrot Confectionery. This is also in the location of the Last Chance Gulch pedestrian mall.

This ice cream shop was founded in 1922, and the current owners still make hand-dipped chocolates with the original recipes. All candies are preservative- and artificial sweetener-free.

Enjoy Contemporary Art

The Holter Museum of Art focuses on contemporary art. Here you can find both permanent, as well as some visiting exhibits.

With art from local and international artists, you can see over 20 temporary exhibits each year. Find everything from quilts, to photography to woodblock prints, and even abstract oil paintings.

Tour The Old Governor’s Mansion

In 1888 the Queen Anne mansion began as a private residence. Later on, the state of Montana bought the home.

It housed different governors until 1959. Now, you can go on a guided tour of the home in 50 minutes.

Take a Stroll Through the Mansion District

From the gold rush days, Helena still houses incredible mansions. This tour offers homes from Helena lawyers, doctors, ranch owners, and businessmen.

It can be interesting to learn about this slice of history and see beautiful homes from the past.

Enjoy the Carousel

If you have children or enjoy child-like activities you may enjoy a ride on the Great Northern Carousel. This is like no other carousel, with 37 hand-carved animals.

Grab an ice cream, or head over for a kid-friendly experience at ExplorationWorks right nearby.

Visit the Capitol Building

Be sure to take a trip to the copper dome at the capitol building. Here you can see a granite and sandstone building, with artwork inside.

See the Native American, an explorer, a gold miner, and a cowboy. Here you can also see murals showing Lewis and Clark, along with statues around the public areas.

Hike Mt. Helena

There are many different hikes to enjoy at Mount Helena. The City Park offers the shortest hike of 200 feet that should take no more than 30 minutes each way.

After you climb you will see views of the city and surrounding mountains. Enjoy a relaxing lunch or even breakfast on the bench at the top, to watch the sunrise or take in the views.

Soak In Broadwater Hot Springs

The Broadwater Hot Springs is a natural set of pools that contain 150-degree mineral water. This facility offers incredible pools that you can soak in for only $15.

These are known to nourish the skin and are a great thing to do as you relax from your day touring the city.

The Small Town With Rich History

Helena, Montana may be small, but it is filled with wealth and history.

Take a drive around the town, soak in some hot springs, and enjoy the old-town charm. This is a wonderful place for a getaway or small-town living.

Get Cash For Cars in Helena

If you’re living in Montana and are trying to sell your car for some cash. The problem is you are trying to do this as painless and as quickly possible. Cash for Cars Helena will buy your used or unwanted cars in no time! We provide junk car removal in Helena and are prepared to pay in cash for those vehicles.

Cash for Cars has long been a top junk car removal company, in fact, we have been doing this for over thirty years. We are the easiest and fastest way for you to sell your car. It’s so easy all you need to do is pick up the phone and dial our number, 1-800-227-2893. Just by giving us call you are already halfway done to selling your car.

By calling us you will receive a guaranteed cash offer that our purchasing agents have calculated with the current market. The other half of the work is giving us your location of the vehicle so we can arrive and give you that quote in cash while we pick your vehicle. Our tow providers are some of the best in the business. 

They are incredibly fast and are at your vehicle in as little as 24 hours. Even if you are not exactly in Helena, Montana. Cash for Cars Helena services the entire area around the vicinity. This means Great Falls, Butte, and Missoula. Buying cars for cash in Helena isn’t all we do.

We also pay cash for boats and RV’s as well. Car sellers of Helena, fill out the form on this page, or connect directly to a vehicle purchasing agent now with one phone call and get rid of your used, damaged or junk car today!

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