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A Little About Jacksonville, Florida!

The east coastal city of nicknames and beachy vibes, Jacksonville, or Jax to locals, boasts fun facts and cool sights to see for vacationers, historians, and everyday travelers alike. Home to upwards of 900,000 people, Jacksonville is the largest city in the United States with an area of over 840 square miles.

That’s 537,600 acres poured across sunny beaches, the Saint John’s River that crisscrosses through the Sunshine State of Florida, and lively downtown areas and historic districts with sidewalks that lead to oddity shops, cafes, bars, and museums galore.

What to Expect from the Weather in Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville’s weather rarely dips below 65 degrees Fahrenheit in the daytime and 45 degrees Fahrenheit in the evenings. That’s the winters.

At the height of summers, between April to July, you can expect highs of 90 degrees Fahrenheit (or above) in the daytime and lows of 70 degrees Fahrenheit at night. 

Fun fact about Jacksonville weather? The record snowfall for the city occurred in 1899. It was 1.9 inches deep and stuck around for less than three days.

Hurricanes and strong tropical storms, however, are the worst, and most anticipated, natural disasters to strike near Jacksonville, almost annually.

Hurricane Dora was the worst hurricane that Jacksonville ever experienced in terms of high winds. The city took a direct hit in the summer of 1964, with winds that hit peaks of 140 miles per hour. A week after the initial hit, the hurricane circled back to Jacksonville in a trajectory back out into the Atlantic. 

By the time it returned, the winds and rains were tropical storm levels, but it still wrecked the recovery efforts that locals had put into place in an attempt to salvage and rebuild their city.

How About a Little Jacksonville, FL History Lesson?

Jacksonville, named after the seventh president, Andrew Jackson, in 1822, was originally dubbed Cowford by British settlers in the early 18th century.

At the time of its name switch to Jacksonville, Andrew Jackson was a Florida military governor, responsible for maintaining balance as a port of entry for both people and imported/exported goods. 

Saint John’s River flows northward through Jacksonville, stretching a total of 310 miles from Blue Cypress Lake to where it pours into the Atlantic Ocean.

Commonly, rivers often flow south, but the natural elevation difference between Indian River County (where Saint John’s River begins) and eastern Atlantic Ocean beaches makes the river “lazy.”

It follows the natural northern flow of the drop in elevation over 310 miles. It also feeds into over 3,000 smaller lakes, covering a total of 9,000 square miles with its waters.

In Jacksonville specifically, the run-off lakes of Saint John’s River are perfect for summertime watersports, like kayaking and paddle-boarding, as well as fishing, swimming, and canoeing.

Jacksonville, FL is for Lovers of Hobbies

While the beaches of Jacksonville draw the attention of sunbathers and sea worshippers, the city offers a haven for hobbyists in a variety of niches.

There’s a past, present, and future in hobbies for Jacksonville.

Love racing and all things automotive?

Jacksonville was once home to Speedway Park, a half-mile dirt track that hosted the attentions of NASCAR legends like Lee Petty, Lee Roy Yarbrough, and Herb Thomas. Also known as The Jacksonville Speedway, the park opened in 1948, which was the same year NASCAR was founded. 

From 1951 to 1963, the Speedway hosted six NASCAR Grand National races, including the one where Wendell Scott won, becoming the first African American man a NASCAR race in Grand National divisions.

Speedway Park went through a handful of redesigns and name changes up until 2004, when it shut down entirely. Now developed as multi-family homes, the speedway is well-remembered by die-hard race fans.

You can learn more about the automotive history of Jacksonville, and the world, at The Brumo’s Collection – an interactive museum that features over three dozen historic cars.

Locals and travelers alike to Jacksonville, FL keep an eye on the city’s social media pages.

It’s there that you can find events pages for hobby workshops, regardless of whether you want to bond with like-minded hobbyists or learn something new and fun.

Love gaming? Want to explore a thriving arts scene?

For example, Darby’s Dungeon, a tabletop gaming lounge, hosts events where ladies and gents can nerd out over the tabletop, board, and card games that require imagination, skill, and patience.

Or, if arts and crafts are more your speed, the Atlantic Beach Arts Market offers fun workshops for artists and crafters-to-be. You can learn how to piece together a beautiful mosaic out of sea glass, weave a macrame hanger for your patio plants. 

Or create picture frames from seashells you find on Jacksonville seashores. Jacksonville is packed with culture, fun, history, and an environment that nurtures creative minds and learners.

The art scenes, historic sites, and plethora of marketplaces help to cultivate a peaceful feel that flows well with the beachy vibe.

Get Cash For Cars in Jacksonville East!

Many people get frustrated when trying to sell their car. I mean, who can blame them. Time is money, as they say, and you've probably spent more of both than what your car is worth at this point! Places like Craigslist may get you a good deal but at the expense of your precious time and sanity.

That's why makes it as easy as possible to sell your vehicle no matter where you live! Cash For Cars Jacksonville East has been buying cars from the public, all over the United States, for over 35 years! Selling your car in Duval County has never been easier! All it takes is a call to (904) 326-8559, and 5-10 minutes of your time!

In 24 hours of less, your could turn your car into cash. It doesn't matter what condition, what make, model, or year; Cash For Cars Jacksonville East will take it all! The humidity and blazing hot sun in the South can make some of the most dependable vehicles fall apart in a short time.

Waiting around to sell your car in the Southern summers can be a death sentence for your vehicle, not to mention all the cash you could be missing out on! Cash For Cars Jacksonville East will pickup your vehicle no matter where you are in Duval County. Give us a call at (904) 326-8559, and get cash for your car in 24 hours or less!


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