How To Photograph Your Car

man learning how to photograph your car

Thanks to the rise of social media and high tech cameras built into our smart phones, it’s easy for anyone to share their photography on the world wide web. But, getting your pictures to look like the pros can be harder than it looks, especially when it comes to photographing cars.

Whether you simply want to show off your pride and joy on your Instagram feed or if you have a vehicle you’re trying to sell, we’ve rounded up some tips to have you taking photos like a pro in no time.


Let The Light In

One of the most important components of photography is the lighting. The best light source is obviously natural light. There’s a certain time of day known as the “golden hour”, which is typically right after sunset. This is the most ideal light to take pictures of anything, let alone cars. If natural light isn’t an option for you, really do your research on different types of artificial light. Different types of bulbs will give off different light, so you’ll want to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want.

Location, Location, Location

While it can be extremely tempting to put all of your attention on the subject of your picture – in your case, your car – this can be a big mistake. Try to think of outside the box locations to take your photos. At the very least you should make sure there isn’t anything in the background competing for attention. Ideally, you would also want to make sure the background colors complement the color of your car.

Get Creative

An easy way to take a better photo is to make it more interesting. Try taking photos from unconventional angles. You could try taking a photo from an aerial view, or even from ground level. Make sure you have an empty memory card when you start your photoshoot and try all kinds of different positions. You never know what might make for a really interesting photo!

Be Detail Oriented

If your car has any interesting or unusual details to it, you should definitely focus on those. Maybe it’s a tail fin, or a grille that you don’t see every day. Play around with the focus settings on your phone or camera and see what you can capture. You may even surprise yourself with your abilities!

Be Yourself!

It’s age old advice for a reason. Don’t try to imitate all the other photos of cars out there on the internet. Your unique take on your car and different photos will make them interesting to look at, and who doesn’t want that?

Do you have any other tips for other car photogs out there? We all would love to hear them over on our Facebook page!

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