18,000+ Dollars Donated for Hurricane Harvey Relief

Our hearts, hands, and pockets are with the thousands of people affected by the events surrounding Hurricane Harvey along the Texas and Louisiana coastlines.

Even though the hurricane has not been appearing on our TV screens as much lately, thousands are still working to rebuild their lives and homes. Because of this, the Cash For Cars team has vowed to provide support by raising donations for the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.

We pledged to donate $10 for every car purchased to hurricane relief efforts from September 18, 2017, through October 17th, 2017. We are excited to announce that we have raised $18,250 for Hurricane Harvey Relief!

cash for cars hurricane harvey
Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

The Cash For Cars team genuinely thanks you all for your contributions. A round of applause also goes out to the amazing Cash for Cars and Copart teams, whose hard work and helping hands picked up 1,825 cars between September and October. The 18,250 raised will go to the Greater Houston Community Foundation to benefit the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

This charitable foundation is focused on immediate and long-term relief efforts in Houston and Harris Counties. We’re eager to see what blessings our combined efforts can bring to these communities!

We understand that a multitude of areas have been affected by hurricanes recently, so we’ve compiled some helpful information to help you prepare and handle the after-effects of hurricanes. Read more about the Cash for Cars team as a community leader.


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