Cash For Cars Guarantee Video

Cash for Cars Guarantee

Want to know what makes Cash for Cars stand out from the competition? On top of our excellent customer service, quick and easy process, and free towing, is our Cash for Cars guarantee! Many car buying companies and junkyards won’t guarantee their offers, but that’s why we stand out. Instead, Cash for Cars guarantees that the price we say over the phone is the price you will receive.
We have never once provided a curbside re-negotiation. We take great pride in honoring the cash offer we give our customers online or over the telephone. The cash amount that the vehicle purchasing agent tells you you’re receiving for the vehicle is the amount that you get paid for your vehicle, that’s the Cash for Cars Guarantee!
If you don’t do business with, make sure you do business with a legitimate and reputable company. Many cay buying businesses are small operations working out of one location, but we have nearly 200 locations in the United States. We have over 35 years of car buying experience, and we are publicly traded on NASDAQ, so you can rest assured you are dealing with a reputable and dependable company with
  • What we promise is what we pay.
  • No curbside re-negotiations
  • No “On the Spot” Vehicle Evaluations
It’s important for us to give all of our customers a guaranteed cash offer. Other car buying companies won’t guarantee the price they’re telling you. They will give you a general estimate, and then they’ll evaluate your car on the spot. With us, the amount you’re promised over the phone is the amount that will be on your check. Allow us to provide you our guaranteed cash offer, contact us to get Get Cash for Your Car today or watch more videos to learn more about Cash for Cars.
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