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top 18 car buys 2018
Our Top 18 Car Buys Of 2018

If you follow us on social media you are probably familiar with the types of vehicles we buy. You know we buy all types of vehicles – cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, RVs, and boats. And you know that we buy vehicles in any condition.

Man Driving Car Distracted
Stop Doing These 6 Things To Become a Safer Driver

Have you ever stop to think if you’re keeping yourself from being a safer driver? Driving can be one of the most fun, and most frustrating, activities we do on a daily basis.

Car at the beach ready for summer driving tips
Summer Driving Tips

With Memorial Day behind us, summer has (unofficially) begun! That means the weather is warming up, school is letting out, and plenty of people will be out on the roads.

Man iding With Motorcycle Playlist
Your Summer Motorcycle Playlist

Freedom is the only word that can describe the feeling of being on two wheels, with a full tank of gas, Born to be Wild on the radio and a wide open road.

2005 Bugatti Veyron, white and blue at car show,
The Best Cars from 2002 and Forward

Some cars, like the ones we wrote about in October, are known to be very unreliable, dangerous, or plain ugly.

The Cars We Actually Buy: Supercar Edition

At, we have centered our entire experience around transparency and honesty. We want to make selling your car as smooth as possible with a streamlined process that is unlike any other in the auto industry.

The Easiest Cars to Work On

Why Are These Cars the Easiest Cars to Work On?

There are some cars, that from their inception were built to last. Not only were they reliable, they were also the easiest cars to work on!

The Hardest Cars to Work On

What Makes Them The Hardest Cars to Work On?

Some cars are known for their unforgiving, knuckle skin-scraping difficulty to wrench on.

Most Dangerous Cars You Should Avoid

There are some cars on the road today that have involvement in numerous fatal car accidents. These cars lack effective safety features, or encourage drivers to go too fast for their own handling capabilities.

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