Pit Stops For Your Best Road Trip Ever

Family Road Trip

Yes, somebody did say road trip! Are you planning on hitting the open road with family or friends this summer? If so, be sure to check out these top 10 exciting, wild and unique pit stops along the way!

Everyone knows about the major attractions each state has to offer such as Six Flags, Disney Land and Times Square. This is a compilation of roadside attractions, spontaneous stops and selfie spots!

So, if you’re nearby, get out and stretch your legs, grab the selfie stick, and take in the awesomeness at one of these great pit stops off the beaten path.



Black Hills Maze – Rapid City, South Dakota


Black Hills Maze
Image via: BlackHillsVacations.com

This pit stop, more than likely, will not be the only place you will be stopping to ask for directions during the course of your road trip!

Explore through the life-size labyrinth of paths, bridges and towers that span over a mile. Once you make it through the maze, enjoy a ton of other activities that will surely have the kids sleeping the rest of the trip!



The Mystery Spot – Santa Cruz, California


The Mystery Spot
Image via: mysteryspot.com

Do you believe in Aliens … you might after taking a trip to this strange natural wonder! Experience the mystery of the gravitational anomaly deep in the Red Wood Forest.

Is it illusion or reality? Determine for yourself as you watch water flow upward and other phenomena.



Totem Pole Park – Foyil, Oklahoma


Totem Pole Park
Image via: Flickr.com

This family-friendly destination is full of activities and fun for kids and grown-ups of all ages.

Totem Pole Park is home to “The World’s largest Concrete Totem Pole” and has been adopted as an icon of Route 66.  Put the car in park and take a walk through the nine acre park with many unique and colorful displays of Indian Folk Art and totem poles.

Afterwards, head over to The Fiddle House Museum to see handmade fiddles and the building itself is supported by 25 totem poles.



Hole N” the Rock – Moab, Utah


Hole N" The Rock
Image via: ActiveRain.com

The definition of living under a rock is in Moab, Utah, and is a perfec stop to make on your next cross country journey.

This exceptional 5,000 square foot home and historic trading post is carved in an enormous rock. Go inside and explore the home and gift shop, or soak in the summer sun outside at the exotic zoo, trading post and try to find Big Foot!



A Dog Lover’s Dream – Cottonwood, Idaho


Dog Bark Park Inn
Image via: Wikipedia.com

Grab your best (dog) friend and head to Cottonwood, Idaho for a relaxing, dog-centric experience.

Not only are Toby and Sweet Willy the biggest beagles in the world, they also serve as the Dog Bark Park Inn Bed and Breakfast! Before you leave be sure to check out over 60 different breeds of carved wooden dogs.

If you bring a picture of your furry friend, you can ask the owner to create a special wooden carving to take home.



Ben and Jerry’s Flavor Graveyard – Waterbury, Vermont


Ben & Jerry's Flavor Graveyard
Image via: RoadsideAmerica.com

Oh sweet heaven! Ben and Jerry are known for their bold (and delicious) flavor combos and sweet treats, but not every flavor can last forever, but we can always remember them fondly with a visit to the Ben and Jerry’s Flavor Graveyard.

Stop by the Ben and Jerry’s factory and pay tribute to your favorite flavors that are no longer with us. Once you’ve made your way through the flavor graveyard, head over to the factory and grab a spoonful of one of the living flavors!



Junk Cars or Work of Art? – Alliance, Nebraska



Carhenge is a unique vintage car inspired replica of the original Stonehenge, and is a must see if you are driving through Nebraska! This structure of 38 vehicles accurately portray the real life structure. The entire artwork is made of Pick-ups, cars and even an ambulance.

If you’re a car lover, or a lover of interesting takes on historical landmarks, this is a must see.



Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Art Museum – San Antonio, Texas


Barney Smith's Toilet Seat Art
Image via: RoadsideAmerica.com

There are many tourist attractions and pit stops in and around San Antonio, but none other quite like this! Drop in and browse an artistic collection of over 1,000 decorated toilet seats and lids. This museum has toilet seat art comprised of random objects stuck on the seats to pop culture and sports team trends.

His collection is home to The Million Dollar Seat, which is made out of $1 million shredded cash. You will more than likely be asked to autograph the seat that represents the state or country you are from!



The Lost Sea Adventure – Sweetwater, Tennessee


Lost Sea Adventures
Image via: Lost Sea Adventures Facebook

Sail away on a glass bottom boat on The Lost Sea, America’s largest underground lake and one of our favorite pit stops. The Lost Sea is 140 feet below ground level and covers more than four acres.

Be sure to head over to the Old Sweetwater Village to relax, shop or grab a bike at the Cavern Kitchen before getting back on the open road.



Unclaimed Baggage Center – Scottsboro, Alabama


Unclaimed Baggage Center Pit Stop
Image via: Unclaimed Baggage Center

Stop and stretch your legs at this modern day version of a treasure hunt! Search through this 40,000 square foot one of a kind department store.

Unclaimed Baggage isn’t your average department store, here you can find anything from a Versace gown straight off the runway, a pack of vacuum sealed frogs to a 19th century replica full suit of armor or even cash!

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