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Our blog was recently featured on Feedspot as one of the Top 100 Auto Blogs!

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Most Dangerous Cars You Should Avoid

There are cars out there that are associated with so many fatal accidents, why are they even on the road?! Stay safe by getting rid of the cars on this list and getting something that is more safe and reliable. will buy any car from you and give you cash! Take that cash and go get a car that isn’t going to kill you!

Is Cash For Cars Open? Yes, We’re Open!

Despite the worries and concerns surrounding COVID-19, Cash For Cars is still open and ready to buy your vehicle for cash! Cash For Cars always puts our customers first and if you need to sell a car, we’ll be there in 24 hours or less with check in-hand to pick up your vehicle!

Slang of the Car Enthusiast: Car Lingo 101

If you’re the kind of guy that prefers to change his own oil, keep up with basic maintenance, and maybe change a part on your car every once in a while, it might be time to read this. This article outlines some of the most common car enthusiast slang, what it means and how you can use it to look like a pro when talking to your car friends!

The Easiest Cars to Work On

Do you do most of your own regular maintenance? Did you stop because you feel like your new car is fighting you every step of the way? These cars are known to be the easiest cars to work on! Most repairs can be done with duct tape, gum, and a shoe string! So if you have a car that fights you over any basic maintenance task, think about selling it to and getting yourself a car that makes it easy to get back out on the road!

The Hardest Cars to Work On

Some cars were not built to be worked on by DIYers, home mechanics, or really anybody at all for that matter. These cars are known to be especially difficult to fix because of their limited space in the engine, their mid-engine, or require you to be a certified plumber to make any sense of them. If you own any of these, get ready to be cursing, yelling, and possibly bleeding as you try to keep these cars in tip-top shape.

The Most Reliable Used Cars and Trucks

The stars align, the moon turns blue, and everyone in the R and D department look at each other as they realize they have created a masterpiece. Most cars and trucks die around 200,000 miles; doomed to the scrapyard. But, there are a few special models that have stood the test of time, quite literally. These cars and trucks have been known to last a long time. We are talking 250,000+ miles without any major mechanical problems! One of the cars we chose outlasted its own manufacturer! See what cars and trucks we have deemed “zombie cars,” or the cars and trucks that just refuse to die.
Airplane Stock Photo for CashForCars Has Gone International! Blog

CashForCars Has Gone International! has gone international! We are very excited to be able to expand to other countries and serve other parts of the world that need a dependable, trustworthy car buyer! is growing quickly and becoming an international car buyer with a strong reputation and award-winning customer service!

Family Cars to Buy or Avoid in 2020

Getting a car that is safe, dependable, comfortable, and has plenty of cargo space is important for people with families. goes over which family cars you should buy and which ones you should avoid in 2020! Our picks have been determined by IIHS Safety Ratings and Edmunds review scores! Our choices for the best and the worst might surprise you!
Red 2020 Toyota Yaris for Cheapest Cars of 2020 by Blog

Cheapest New Cars of 2020

Most people think that you can’t get a good, dependable, driveable car for cheap! This blog might surprise you then as we go over some of the best inexpensive cars that provide the best value for their low price tag!
Painting Versus Wrapping Gif with Spinning Versus Gif in middle and picture of car in middle of painting on left and color-shifting vinyl wrap on right

Painting Versus Wrapping Your Car

Most car enthusiasts know that painting your car can come with a hefty price tag. Television shows about car restorers show how much work goes into a quality paint job. Like sanding, masking, using Bondo to find and fill in dents in the body, and many more steps that are […]
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