How To Know When To Service Your Car

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How To Know When To Service Your Car | Car Care Tips

Have you ever been driving down a certain road or highway while knowing certain sounds belong to certain roads due to bumps and holes? I am sure we all have. Have you ever started your vehicle and took off while it warmed up? Then you hear some warming up sounds while everything revs up. Pretty normal right? But have you ever been driving on a normal day, a smooth road, everything warmed up, and then heard a noise that didn’t sound normal? Time to pull over and do the conventional hood check. Today is going to be a long day… Pretty much everyone wishes or works to have a vehicle that is consistent, reliable, affordable and stunning. Right? I mean the whole purpose of getting a job at 15 for most teens was to save for their first car and to ride out in the sunset. Or even simply purchasing a car to just get you from A-B. However, what we may not have taken into consideration was the maintenance factor. This doesn’t just apply to the first car timers or the teenagers. This happens daily amongst all ages. A vehicle that is not maintained through the years is as good as gone. Keeping your vehicle serviced is by far the most important factor. This allows your vehicle to remain in good stable condition for the long run. In comparison, take getting your vehicle cleaned as an example. The longer and longer you wait to clean it, the worse it looks and the less stunning it appears. The same applies to the engine and parts work. The longer you wait, the worse off it gets, and the worse your vehicle performs.

Signs that your car needs servicing

Noises – You may hear some extra rattling, rumbling or clacking under the hood. Dashboard lights – Generally on all cars, the dashboard will alert you once an issue has been reported. Engine problems, low fuel, overheating, oil levels, etc. You can find many of these and more on your dashboard if a problem comes about. Tire Tread – Often times this can be a sign that you have put enough wear and tear on your vehicle for one service time to another.

How to Know When Main Parts Are Bad | Car Care Tips

Battery – Although it is the most vital part of a running vehicle, it is also the most consistent and reliable part of the vehicle. Batteries typically only go bad when vehicles are left on over periods of time without being in a moving motion. Or when they simply run out of power and juice through the years. You can tell a battery is dead when you go to turn a car over and no lights turn on. If the lights turn on, it’s the starter or something related. Brakes – Again, another reliable and consistent part. However, regardless of the driver you are, these are bound to go bad sooner than later. You can easily tell when brakes are going bad by simply pressing down. If you feel resistance or that you have to apply pressure, you’re good. As long as it’s just the normal pressure. However, if you can push down with ease and hear squeaks coming from the brakes, chances are they are shot. Shocks – If at any point these go out, just be prepared to empty your wallet. Shocks keep your car balanced when driving and especially while driving down uneven roads. You can tell when your shocks go bad when your vehicle is leaning more towards one side than the other. You can also tell when the shocks go bad when the vehicle isn’t getting the right amount of resistance from the ground. In other words, you shouldn’t have to feel every single bump. Axle – The axle’s job is to transfer power from the engine to the wheels. When you attempt a turn you should be able to turn smoothly with no noises or problems. When an axle goes bad, you will hear noises and sometimes clunks from the lack of padding. If the axle isn’t fixed right away, it will put more and more strain on the vehicle making things worse over time. Radiator – This specific part is vital to the vehicle running well. It keeps the engine from overheating. You can tell when the part goes bad when your dashboard ‘’Hot and Cold’’ level marker is leaning way more towards the hot. Regardless of the season, this is bad. Yes, you can put coolant and water in there for a quick fix, but taking it to get professionally serviced is your best option.

Summary | Car Maintenance Tips

Keeping track of your vehicle and it’s monthly/annual needs is very important if you want to get every bit of worth your car has to offer. Your vehicle really needs the most attention in the winter months. That is when parts may freeze and not perform well, if not at all. Changing your fluids on a routine schedule helps in terms of consistency over the years. Having your car serviced by a trained professional on a routine basis will do you much good in the coming years. I appreciate you coming by and reading this article. I hope this information will help you when the time comes and I wish you the best, For more information and great content, stay here for more! Also if you would like to sell your vehicle for cash today, give us a call today or fill out our offer form! 

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