The Unexpected Benefits of Selling Your Car

Cash For Selling Your Car

Going car-less is getting more and more popular and for good reason. Ride-sharing, better public transportation systems and a larger urban population all make not having a car a little bit easier. Is it time to look into selling your car?

If you’re thinking about selling your vehicle, you’ve obviously considered the risks associated with not having a car, but have you thought long and hard about the potential pay-offs? Read below for our top reasons to sell your car today!


Selling Your Car Benefit: You’ll be Healthier


Let’s face it. If you sell your car, you’re probably going to have to walk a few places. But the fresh air and exercise will do you good. According to research reported by Real Simple, study participants who walked to work, versus driving their cars, gained two pounds less a year than their car-driving counterparts, even with the same amount of other exercise.

So before you go to your favorite ridesharing app, ask yourself if it’s a walkable distance, and make it happen.



Selling Your Car Benefit: You’ll Eat Out Less


It’s called a drive-thru for a reason. You have to have a car to enter one. So, gone are the days of impromptu stops for a shake and fries.

You’ll also notice how you become a little smarter at the grocery store. If you’re walking home, you can’t have more than a few bags, and you’ll load up on the essentials, rather than fill your cart with impulse junk food.


Selling Your Car Benefit: You’re Not the Chauffeur Anymore


Goodbye, one-off requests to pick up your second cousin from the airport. No more being the “friend with a truck” that’s obligated to help people move. You never notice how often you use a car to help other people until you no longer have the responsibility. It can be rather freeing. Now, the most help you have to give someone who’s stuck at the airport is one word: Uber.

Going car-less is so much more convenient with modern technology. Once you’re done selling your car, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. If you’re just looking for the right buyer, get an offer for your car from us today. We’ll pick up your car with payment in hand in less than 24 hours.

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