$18,000 Donated to Hurricane Harvey Relief

hurricane harvey soldiers pull out flood damaged vehicles
Thanks to the teams of CashforCars.com and Copart, collectively we have been able to raise over 18,000 dollars to support the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The effects of the hurricane were, and continue to be, felt by the entire nation. Even though coverage of the tropical storm has dwindled on our news feeds, the devastation that has occurred still rests heavy in our hearts and minds.



Over $18,000 Donated to Hurricane Harvey Relief

In response to the damage, both of our teams wanted to lend a helping hand to those affected by Hurricane Harvey. So, for every car purchase made in the months of September and October, donations were raised to the Hurricane Harvey Fund. Hundreds of cars were retrieved during this time period. Many of the cars were water damaged cars from the southern coastal area. With a grandiose number of flooded cars in the area, we were also able to lessen the overpopulation of vehicles. All proceeds went directly to the Greater Houston Community Foundation. This is a charity focused on bringing short term and long term relief to the victims.


“As soon as we saw the devastation that Hurricane Harvey had wrought on Houston and the surrounding areas of Texas, the staff at CashforCars.com wanted to find a way to do our part to help those whose lives were disrupted. We’re a nationwide company with locations across the entire country, so when a storm affects Texas as intensely as Harvey did, it literally affects all of us. The residents of Texas have always been great to our company and so we felt the necessity to reciprocate. We immediately began designating proceeds from every vehicle we purchased for an entire month following the storm. We’re happy announcing this donation of $18,000 to The Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.”




-David Sutkin, Director of Copart Direct


cash-for-cars-hurricane-harvey-reliefWe’re so glad that we are able to make a difference in this catastrophic situation. There is still a long way to go, but when our neighbors need help, everything counts.  Click the link if you would still like to donate to the Hurricane Harvey Fund.


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