What Is Your Car Worth?

What Is Your Car Worth?

Considering selling your car, but you’re not sure just how much money you’ll get from the venture? Try asking yourself a few important questions to help you determine the true value of your vehicle:
  • Is there any rush to sell the car?
  • Do I have plenty of time to put into the selling process?
  • Is there any work that needs to be done to the car before I can sell it?

How Quickly Do I Need To Sell the Car?
If there is a pressing reason you are trying to get rid of your car, (a need for a little extra cash, a move to a different state or country where you don’t want to have to worry about taking your car, etc.) then the easiest way is calling Cash for Cars. We will get you a fast, free, hassle-free estimate on your car. There are other ways to sell your car, posting it to places like Craigslist or Auto Trader. Many of these postings, however, will cost you out of pocket money and may take much, much longer to sell. The reason your car may take so much more time to sell is because of the competition on these sites; if your car is not in perfect shape or if you’re asking too much for it, people will opt out of purchasing from you.

How Much Time Do I Have to Put Into the Selling Process?
Are you a car salesman? If you are, then selling your car yourself will probably be a better bet; in the long run you’ll get more money from the car and you’ll be in charge of haggling just how much you’re willing to sell it for. But if you aren’t a car salesman then selling your car yourself will become your largest nightmare! There are so many demonstrations, paperwork, test drives, and negotiations you would have to do by yourself.

How Much Work Needs to be Done to the Car Before I Can Sell It?
You’ll need to get your car fully detailed to make sure it’s in selling condition; detailing like this can cost anywhere in the realm of $100 – $300. Then you’ll want to ask yourself things like:
  • How old are your tires, battery, and windshield wipers?
  • Are there any dings, scratches, or dents in the car?
  • Do you have hubcaps missing, or burned out lightbulbs?

If items need to be fixed or replaced you may be looking at another $500 – $1500 expense. Are these expenses worth getting your car ready to sell? Or would it be easier to hand the reins over to someone like Cash for Cars so that you get cash in your hands without any of the hassle or out of pocket expense that goes along with selling a car. After determining all of these things and answering these questions for yourself it is time to look at places like Kelley Blue Book and NADA Guides to see what your car is really worth. These sites will take you through a step by step process to discover the value of your car; once you do this don’t forget to subtract the cost of detailing, repairs, your time, and $1,000 extra as a realistic measure (all of these sites inflate the prices a bit). Is it worth it? Or would you like cash in your hands tomorrow? If you prefer the latter give Cash for Cars a call today.

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